Need ideas for a porch

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Need ideas for a porch

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

Good morning all! I just had the railings and posts taken off my porch in the front of the house as they were old old old. I would like to add some color to the porch. our home is white with black shutters, and the roof is grey. my front and side doors are burgundy. I like the look without the railings so I put them on letgo for free and 12 people responded!

Do you think I should buy colorful or nuetral pots to add color? if color which color? more burgundy? my patio furniture is beige, tan. blah! cj

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Re: Need ideas for a porch

Post by Jackielou »

CJ, I think I would mix my pot colours. I would use burgundy, and tan. I would also get different sizes of pots and make sure I had them all at different levels and groupings. Of course the number and size of the pots would depend on the size of your porch and the space left after your patio furniture is placed.

Then perhaps add a pillow or two to the porch furniture in a burgundy as well.

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Re: Need ideas for a porch

Post by MackerelCat »

Good advice about the burgundy and beige, and consider the colors in the plantings. And maybe some burgundy throw pillows on the porch furniture, or a big floral or African-type design that uses those colors.

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Re: Need ideas for a porch

Post by Heloise »

I'd paint the inside a pale yellow (Louis XVI) colour yellow, and I'd have red clay pots.

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