Bottle Calves :)

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Re: Bottle Calves :)

Post by shopper113 »

I also had bottle lambs and calves as a kid....

One thing about the experience it that the food shows that show the gourmet food foam, and even the restaurants I've been that have it, make me think of calf slobbers...

Truffle Butter Foam or calf slobbers, you tell me!

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Re: Bottle Calves :)

Post by Shelsmiles »

Well, looks like calf slobbers to me. Milk lips are cute on a calf - not so much on asparagus. Lol

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Re: Bottle Calves :)

Post by MackerelCat »

We raised bottle calves when I was a child, and that's exactly what that looks like on the plate: calf slobber!

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