Preparing for Disasters

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Re: Preparing for Disasters

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Where we are, so far, the biggest concern is blizzards. We've been through that a few times--snowed in for days, sometimes. We rarely lose power, but when I think we will, the first thing I do is fill all of the bathtubs with water. We are on a well, and of course the pump is electric. I also plan to add two-four rain barrels.

Our pantry is usually fairly well stocked, and we rarely eat our canned goods on a regular basis, unless it's grocery week and we're down to nothing. This would help us in a disaster. We don't have MONTHS of supplies, but certainly at least a couple weeks' worth, if we ration our food.

I have been telling D that I think we should get a small safe and keep cash around the house. He has a secret stash, but it's not in a safe. It's in a jar and very well hidden. He doesn't think we need a safe, but I feel we do.

We have a garden, and we plan on learning to preserve. D also wants to put in a root cellar. I'm not as sure about that, but it's not a terrible idea.

The way our property is set up, there's a chance a tree could fall on the house from the west side, but the treeline is fairly far from the house. I think that damage would be minimal. My mom DID weather one storm here where we are pretty sure there was a tornado involved, but apparently, the woods around the house protected the house. We found a tree branch driven into the ground not far from the house, though, which was scary. Tornadoes are not a common occurrence here, though. We DO have a basement to which we could retreat.

We keep our cars gassed up. We tend to go to the gas station when the tanks are on 1/4--even the truck, which we do not use every day. We will be getting a plow for the truck, as well.

As far as bug-out bags, we don't have them, but my BIGGEST concern is my pets. We have eight cats and two dogs. It would take us a long time to round them all up and move out. If we had some notice, we could do it, but in a spur of the moment disaster, we'd be in a lot of trouble. Not sure there's a lot we can do about that. We have the animals, so we're responsible for them. We DO keep 2 weeks-a month's worth of food on hand for them, so if we were to get trapped, they would be OK for a while. With the cap on, we can transport ALL of the animals in the truck.

We don't have a generator, but we have one fireplace inside and one outside. We also have lots and lots and lots of candles, as well as battery lanterns, solar lights, and flashlights. We have more blankets than a hospital, and we DO have three extra beds--not air mattresses--stowed in our attic. We also have plenty of space to put people up.

I DO think about preparedness, but I'm more one to stay put than leave, so I focus on how I can stay safely in place. I need to think more about a plan for leaving--and NOT having to leave our animals behind.

Jen M, WV
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Re: Preparing for Disasters

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Tornadoes are somewhat common here ("tornado alley" - Oklahoma) and finally after 24 years of living here I have a storm shelter, courtesy of my mom who apparently has been very uptight about tornadoes the whole 24 years. We decided to get a safe big enough for important paperwork and put it IN the storm shelter. That way if anything bad happens all the necessary ppwk is with us in the only room we're pretty sure can't go anywhere.

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Re: Preparing for Disasters

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Cash is good to have on hand as well, small bills. cj

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Re: Preparing for Disasters

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It is odd, but most storms here in this part of Florida do not generate tornadoes. "Knock on wood" But hurricanes do. Hurricane predictions are becoming pretty accurate with plenty of notice. There is a lot we could do to get this house better prepared for hurricanes. I looked into the new hurricane resistant windows. I didn't like my choices. Our roof is not up to hurricane standards. I looked into a metal roof and then realized that it has some down sides. The preferred asphalt roofing material is ugly in my opinion, so no go there. While I want to prepare for disasters, I must have something I can live with. Right now, I am still looking.

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Re: Preparing for Disasters

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I don't know if other states do this but Virginia has a sales tax holiday week-end coming up. No sales tax on school items like clothes and shoes. But also things like flashlights, generators, solar cell phone chargers and so on. I should do an inventory. We have a lot of the little flashlights but what batteries do they use? :o

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Re: Preparing for Disasters

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depends on how small the flashlight is. I have every size from large to extra small. take the flashlight into a hardware store if you can not determine correct size. I had to do that for a garage door openers battery. it was a button type battery and I had no clue what I needed.

in the region there has been water problems, so now I am keeping more bottled water in the basement, have 4 cases so that should get us through most anything. cj

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