Fall Chores and Preparations

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Fall Chores and Preparations

Post by Shelsmiles »

Fall is in the air and that means a lot of final prep work in anticipation of winter. What things are on your list for the upcoming season?

For us, one main concern is firewood. We have enough in the bunk to last until December probably. DH has been cutting trees so the wood can season and be ready for burning. I prefer the boys cut and split wood in the fall so they aren't out in the cold doing it. Other things include:

1.Pulling plants and tilling the garden.
2.Adding compost and prepping it for winter.
3.Making sure to mark any dead trees that haven't been cut with paint so we know which ones have to go.
4. Making sure all the fences are in good repair
5. Putting up hay
6. Canning of course
7. Putting up fall veggies and fruits
8. Double checking all animal shelters for leaks and problems
9. Winterizing equipment, boats, etc
10.Dragging the road and the drive
11. Winterizing the bees
12. Filling deer feeders and setting game trail cameras
13. Setting up and inspecting deer stands
14. Moving plants into the greenhouse to winter over

I'm sure there's more. Lol.

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Re: Fall Chores and Preparations

Post by dlrcpa »

We also have wood (2 dead trees down) that needs splitting. Not sure if it's ready, that is DH's department. I have to clean ash out from the soapstone fireplace. Chimney was swept and inspected last fall so not needed this year. I have already started pulling dead flower foliage, yard has been mulched already. Rake and bag leaves as they fall.

Will have to pull deck furniture in preparation for house power-wash and re-stain, may as well clean and put away. Bring in houseplants and clean pots. Get out bird feeders and fill.

DH never cleaned his fish pond this year, it is icky. I do the rest of the yard work but told him before he installed it I would not be responsible for the pond.

Swap clothes closets.

Hoping the driveway re-seal gets done this week. Last week's attempt was a disaster.

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Re: Fall Chores and Preparations

Post by Jackielou »

I am not going to think about it yet...... When we get back home from our little holiday I will be starting the Fall Prep. Hopefully we won't have had our first snowstorm that early.


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Re: Fall Chores and Preparations

Post by ErinHuffstetler »

Here's what's on my fall to-do list ...

At Home:
1. Finish spreading mulch.
2. Winterize coop and outdoor plumbing.
3. Canning.
4. Root cellaring.
5. Wax the cars.
6. Move our lemon tree indoors.

At the Cabin:
1.Sweep the chimney, and look into buying & installing a second wood stove. The chimney and hearth are already in place.
2. Take the tin roof off, put down decking, and put the tin back. We had problems with condensation last fall/winter, and this will fix that.
3. Insulate the walls.
4. Finish the siding.
5. Clean up trails. Bush hog; remove fallen trees and limbs.
6. Continue adding to the firewood pile.
7. Make more firestarters. (dd2 loves to help with this)

And I'm sure I'll think of a million more things that need to be done :)
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Re: Fall Chores and Preparations

Post by Rquebedo »

Lots to do here..

First the garden... we need to release the chickens into the garden and let them tear it up. Next we clean out the chicken coop and spread all that good stuff on top of the old garden along with what we have in the compost pile. Then we will head into the woods and rake leaves for the garden. We like to throw a good 3-5 inches of leaves on top...sometimes more.

Next, I need to work on my canning. The fall is when I do my beans and meat. We sent our steer to the processor and I have a freezer full of meat. I want to can some of it in the event of a freezer failure, we would still have meat.

We also need to process the chickens that aren't laying. I always precook those and then use them for stewing. The meat needs to stew a long time or it can be tough.

We are also hoping to score some leaf bags from our friends "in town" to throw around the trees and berries in our fruit orchard.

And hay... we need to stock up on hay..

Lots to do but we love it

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Re: Fall Chores and Preparations

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

Need to do much the same. I need to cut down the peonies and mulch. do last power wash of the house and garage. put up holiday décor (fall). deep cleaning for the fall. I try to do this twice a year or more if possible. finish the winter stockpile, maybe need about $25 for in canned goods to complete. got an early start this year. get out the fall and winter clothes and see what to keep and what to donate. do not need any new clothes for rest of 2015. cj

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