Easter Plans Anyone?

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Easter Plans Anyone?

Post by Jackielou »

Now that things are opening up a bit (well a bit at least here in Canada, some of the American states are pretty much wide open) do any of you have Easter plans?

I am hoping that the DS's both come home. Since eldest DS can't travel he will have a whole week off, mind you his province has the virus pretty bad right now, so unless both of us have our first vaccinations he may be a bit worried about bringing it home.

I already talked to youngest DS and asked if we could have a change from turkey. Yes!!! I get to make a ham for a change (well at least according to him, eldest really might miss the turkey). The rest of the meal is up in the air right now, but hopefully will come together over the next few weeks.

I would also like to decorate a bit and am thinking of making myself an Easter tree and a bunting to go around the front deck. I think I just might be a bit bored.....

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Re: Easter Plans Anyone?

Post by Mrscreative »

I do have some Easter decor that I plan to decorate the dining room with. Because I couldn’t book a pickup slot before Easter, I will just be preparing food from what’s on hand. There’s a small rolled ham in the freezer, so I will pull that out for my carnivores. I don’t even have enough potatoes to make for scalloped potatoes, so will probably make fettuccine Alfredo. Frozen peas will be steamed, and I also have carrots and will serve pickles and olives. I may have enough salad greens to make a smallish salad. I plan on making a pandan chiffon cake. It’s a good thing I planned on this last grocery order, and ordered extra eggs. It takes nine! So nothing extravagant but still pretty bountiful in comparison to others.

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