Holiday bargains

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Re: Holiday bargains

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Thank you for the ideas Rinty! I am going to check out the website too. I have a tight budget as I have 20 clients to buy for. So I must keep it to under $5 each. many of my folks have diabetes, dentures and other health ailments so it is difficult to buy things they can eat. the one year I grew baby plants and put them in old mugs I had and that was a big hit. barely cost me anything and it did make most of them happy. some of them will not get a gift other than mine so I will spend a little more to make it special. I am keeping my fingers crossed as dh gift is also coming out of my holiday bonus check. If I don't get one this year I will have to be very creative. happy holidays to you and your family. cj

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Re: Holiday bargains

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BevMoore wrote:Rinty,

What kind of work are you doing at the school? I do yard duty and para educator. I enjoy doing both but may have to give up the para gigs if they are the source of my bugs. I am outside most of the time for yard duty and I need the exercise it provides so I feel comfortable staying with that. I do that 3 times a week and when I do I get the recommended amount of walking time per week that the AMA recommends.

Hey Bev, I am a teaching assistant which I love. I do Mdsa ( mid day supervisor as and when its needed...........I'm the sickness cover ; ) Its fun especially as they are primary school age.................I've been working with strapping lads of 18 in special education so its a real change. Like yourself, I enjoy the outside for the fresh air :) Have a nice Christmas with your family. all the best.

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