Thanksgiving Plans Anyone

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Re: Thanksgiving Plans Anyone

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

That all sounds great! I will buy a sweet potatoe pie for dh as he perfers that over pumpkin. I like both. we are having a low key thanksgiving and I may even use stove top stuffing too! going to keep things real easy and simple and I really am not feeling very energetic at all and don't know what to expect in two weeks. as for me I need to have the cranberries and I add a little orange zest. really nice. cj

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Re: Thanksgiving Plans Anyone

Post by AuntBridget »

We will be having our big family gathering that we started doing after my young niece suddenly died. There will be about 30 of us.

This year I was asked to bring a ham (guess I didn't bring enough potatoes last year....oh well ) and it isn't going to cost me a thing, as my sister is giving me the ham to cook, since she purchased it and it wasn't what she wanted.

We are changing the location this year which is a good thing in my opinion. The past two years we have had it at my mom's church (the church we all grew up in) which is an old church. This year we are having it at my niece's church (one that I also attend on occasion) which is newer, and has a nursery so there will be an area for the little ones to play (and be contained) And there is an industrial dishwasher, which will make clean up a whole lot faster and easier.

Like every family gathering, there will be way too much food...... I know we will be having, 2 turkeys, a ham, two different kinds of potatoes, two different kinds of dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, a relish tray, rolls, pies, and it sounds like everyone is bringing a different kind of salad (some sweet and some not).

More than the food, I am looking forward to spending time with my family. We had a great time last year. Now if we could get more of them to just put down their phones (always taking pictures ) and be in the moment.
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Re: Thanksgiving Plans Anyone

Post by whatadeal »

As it is just the two of us we can get very creative. Some years we smoke a prime rib other years it is all seafood. This year will be a roast duck so easy to make using the showtime roaster. My dh bought that stupid roaster years ago and we do use it outside in the summer. I make a cherry cognac sauce . Roasted carrots, parsnips, beets and potatoes (use a bit of the duck fat to roast). green salad with maytag blue cheese, apples, and candied walnuts. dessert if we feel inclined will most likely be a local late harvest zinfandel port or orange muskat with a bit of cheese and fruit. I am sure that we will waddle off for a walk afterwards.

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Re: Thanksgiving Plans Anyone

Post by dlrcpa »

Well I am up to my eyeballs this year. DB is cooking for parents (he lives there now) and will invite a couple of his friends. I offered to clean & set table Sunday and also bring some side dishes that he will just need to heat up. I'm taking pumpkin bundt cake because I think that will hold for 4 days (while pie would not.) I'll prepare garden salad in a bag so he can just dump it in a bowl. I'll make rolls and freeze so he will just need to thaw. Microwave-in-the bag peas. Jello salad and Cool Whip. He's making the turkey.

I'm also taking some food for them Sunday-Wednesday. Hams are on sale, meatloaf, some sort of casserole side dish.

For DH and I, it will be turkey, corn spoon bread, rolls, salad, carrots, mashed potatoes and pie. That roaster may be handy, our oven is small.

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Re: Thanksgiving Plans Anyone

Post by Jackielou »

Every one seems to have some lovely ideas for their Thanksgiving feast.

You all have a wonderful holiday and get ready for the rush into Christmas.

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Re: Thanksgiving Plans Anyone

Post by countrygal »

It will be a quiet dinner here as our numbers have been climbing and our governor has issued new rules to follow which hopefully people will follow.My son and i are doing our usual dinner turkey,stuffing and all the trimmings and i'll make my pies,breads and cookies as we snack through the holidays it will be a nice day as we will watch some past Macy's Thanksgiving Parades on youtube. :)
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