Twelve Weeks!!!

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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

Post by BevMoore »

I already have my gifts for the gift exchanges I do amongst my social groups. Mostly unused Christmas decorations. Yesterday I found a complete set of brand new Christmas towels for $10.00 for a gift exchange. Family? I lean towards gift cards but my mother will have no part of that. So I am looking and trying to figure out what can be had that is consumable and inexpensive.

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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

Post by Jackielou »

dlrcpa wrote:Jackie, I would like more details on the rugs you are knitting. What kind of yarn and how big do you make them? What size needles? Thanks for the info.

The main person I need to worry about is DH, he wants electronic "stuff". He has some things listed on Amazon. I have to mail any gift to sis so I pick something small to save on postage. I could bead some earrings and a bracelet, have not given her jewelry for a few years. Plus making jewelry is so quick!

For others we always do consumable food items that I either bake (my family) or we order from various vendors. It's mostly DH's family and he orders that stuff. Also they do not live close by so it has to be sent or mailed. We are going to visit them at Thanksgiving.
I am using cotton yarn (the kind that you make dishcloths out of). I usually use two strands at a time and 6mm needles (not sure what size that is in US needle size). I made a small one last year for oldest DS to fit where he does dishes. This year I want to make them a bit bigger, probably 36 X 48 to fit in different areas of the boys homes. Youngest wants one for in front of his door, and oldest wants one to fit where he sits all the time (in front of his chair).


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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

Post by dlrcpa »

Jackie - Thanks for the answers! I had a rug knitting book from the library a year or two back but it all seemed to call for extra-bulky weight yarn and I did not have any on hand to experiment with.

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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

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I am glad you started this thread because it is always good to have time on one's side! I know that at the very least if I do some online shopping early on I can save on shipping.

DH's family asks one another what they would like as gifts. So the process of asking usually begins after Thanksgiving. At this point, I will create a spreadsheet and keep track of everyone's gift wishes.

As far as saving, I do not have a specific account for Christmas gifts but I do keep track of the spending as I go just so that I can be aware.

I'm thinking of giving my son's caregivers something baked. I have never made biscotti but I saw someone mention it in a thread on this board. Piqued my interest! That could make a great gift- especially put in a mug. But then of course I have to consider whether I am willing to invest the time. Good to start thinking about this.

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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

Post by dlrcpa »

I frequently make biscotti. Suggest you practice with a couple of recipes. It's hardly more trouble than making cookies. I have 2 recipes that I like. Some other recipes have turned out rather bland, so if you don't like one recipe, try a different one. They would freeze well too.

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Re: Twelve Weeks!!!

Post by 11cats2beagles »

It really helps and motivates me to read what others' plans are!

I am lucking mortgage company sent me a $15 gift card to a local coffee/doughnut shop...a 'congratulations on your one year anniversary" gift. It happens that my son and his wife love that place and frequent it every Sunday that will be their "token gift" -- really all I do for my two biological children now that they are grown and independent and don't want / need for anything.

Luck-out #2...Bath & Body Works coupons in the mail...a $13 body creme for $5 and a FREE hand sanitizer. So a very nice gift for my mom for $5 plus tax.

I will do something creative with scratch-off lottery tickets for both my daughter and my dad...probably $10 worth each. I want to get a Dollar General gift card for my parents together.

The mister has to take care of Christmas for the two little guys and he is saving for that. I will do a stocking for him, trying to keep it at $20 or less and get him a couple of nice gifts...saving for that.

I'm rather "obligated" to participate in Secret Santa at work this year because of my new rather ticks me off but I will have to. Three weekly gifts of $5 and one final gift of $15 are required. Not a lot of re-planning can be done until I find out whose name I draw...UGH...but putting money aside for that too.

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