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Christmas Plans Anyone Or Ideas

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:23 am
by countrygal
Hard to believe christmas is rounding the bend,with Covid which has changed our lives, our way of living we all have found ways to make things work for our lives.Here our numbers are very high and many new restrictions i have found such a peaceful way of life a simpler way of enjoying the holidays and it's all about the spirit of christmas which lives in all our hearts.My home is all done in christmas and i've been enjoying the spirit of the holidays it really is beautiful such a serene and peaceful time as i've made alot of my own decor from the woodlands that surround me.I'll be doing some baking and making my own confections as i've got some of my grandmothers recipes and my christmas dinner will be a bit simple a small ham,potato's,a veggie homemade biscuits and some applesauce.After dinner will just be relaxing have some coffee and watch a few christmas movies curled up on my couch while also hearing my woodstove as the wood snaps and crackles,for me i'm loving this new way of life,simple,peaceful just enjoying the beauty of every day each moment,holding this christmas spirit in my heart.Would love to hear your christmas plans what are going to be doing,what will you be having for your dinner?Another thing i'll be doing is building a snowman and yes even doing a few snowangels just throw myself in the snow and have a little fun anyone here enjoy the winters holiday snow? :D