What are you favorite/preferred ways to make extra cash?

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What are you favorite/preferred ways to make extra cash?

Post by gaylejackson2 »

I remember some time ago (several years?) that we had a thread going on FL about alternate streams of income. Does anyone remember what these were?

Truthfully all I can recall is MTurk, MyPoints, and doing surveys (which really don't seem to amount to much for me).

So I'm curious about what your preferred ways to make extra cash are? What tips/tricks can you share with me, and others, to help bring in a little more ca$h?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: What are you favorite/preferred ways to make extra cash?

Post by Jackielou »

I remember that thread!!

Thanks for thinking of it again Gayle.

Nothing to contribute here as things are a bit different up here in Canada.

I did join a few Canadian survey sites but dropped all except one. The sites made it extremely difficult after a bit to get the points. My passwords would no longer work so I could not get my money out.

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Re: What are you favorite/preferred ways to make extra cash?

Post by RedRobin »

I'd love to do more, but right now I do MyPoints, Opinion Outpost, Bing and Swagbucks. Some are more involved than others but I get a few extra dollars from them.
Working overtime is my favorite, however....
Loads of people do Etsy and EBay. I think everything Erin does is inspiring for sure.

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Re: What are you favorite/preferred ways to make extra cash?

Post by RecoveringDreamer »

We do a variety of things, some bring in a fair amount, others less so. Some time a lot of time/money.

Sell online: amazon (books, movies, CDs, t-shirts, although that is coming to an end thanks to new rulse), ebay (vintage items, lots of random things DH finds cheap), craigslist (vintage items and furniture), FB yard sale pages, and Etsy (I sell vintage kitchenwares). We make a good deal of money this way. Problem: Our two small bedrooms are used for storage. While we have the extra space since we don't have kids, I would have loved to use one of the rooms for something else.

Antique booth: We sell vintage items that we buy at yard sales, thrift stores, and auctions. It costs a lot to get started (booth rent and security deposit, tags, acquiring inventory, staging items, shelves), and it isn't a quick and easy way to make money. However, it is fun and a nice supplement.

Swagbucks is the only points program I use anymore. I take the daily poll (1 pt), use as my primary search engine (I get about 75 pts a day that way) and every now and then take surveys (I get maybe 70 pts a wk this way). Not a huge thing, but something.

Use my credit card for spending and paying it off. Get $20 every month or two.

I also sell vintage items out of my trunk sometimes. I pick for several people and will stockpile items as I find them for that person. When I have enough to make it worthwhile, we meet somewhere and I set up the trunk. I usually do 1-2 sales a month and bring in $10-25 each time. Not huge, and I usually sell 1/5 - 1/4 of what I bring. However, that purchase usually more than covers the total cost of the items, and whatever doesn't sell at a trunk sale, goes online or to the booth.

Play the Menards rebate game to get free items as much as possible (some of which we sell or gift).
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Re: What are you favorite/preferred ways to make extra cash?

Post by dlrcpa »

Trunk sale idea is interesting. I drive by something like this (flea market in a parking lot) on the say to visit DH's relatives in Pittsburgh. Now I wonder if there is something like that locally that I could just do a few times a year. I have several crib size quilts finished, and other stuff that did not sell at the yard sale.

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