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Re: Selling Books

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gaylejackson2 wrote:I think it was back on FL, there was a thread (or maybe someone just mentioned it), about selling your extra books for cash. I mean like old textbooks, or unused cookbooks. I remember looking at it, and that my college textbooks, an old yard-sale sewing book, and some cookbooks were ones that would give me some $$, BUT I didn't follow through.

Does anyone know of any such website, or know what I'm talking about? I know that I could do a google search, but if anyone here uses such a website and has good success with it, then I'd rather try to use it.

Yes I think I started that thread long ago but I used ABE books and there was another one but I forget which now. Note that Half Price book stores did not give me much for my books at all (like three dollars for a whole stack-something small like that)and I found the online one was better cash payouts and from what I remember you could print out a label and it was easier for me to package it and ship it.

I have lots of books. I also get a lot free from the annual library giveaway at the main library of the county. They collect withdrawn or duplicate books from all of the libraries and put them in boxes in the parking lot and you can take it home free. I was wondering why people would not even look at the books but took BOXES of them to fill their car and I think it is bc they must sell it like on Amazon bc some that I bought used on Amazon had withdrawn stamped on it or were used library books from elsewhere so that must be a thing people do!?

As for my books, I decluttered and got rid of most of the books(I probably can work on getting rid of more). BUT I gave them to my son's school where the kids are very poor and don't have books and mine are popular and look brand new -my dd keeps them so pristine (funny she does that w/ books but cannot keep her room clean!). So my son held a book fair for the kids and they were so happy(a teacher also got like 1500 books free) and one teacher commented to him, "you know when you work with poverty when kids get so excited just to get free books" and my son was like shocked,she did not just say that to him!? But I am glad the kids were happy at least. My son and daughter loves those kids(he is principal and she is a PE teacher's aid).

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