U-haul work from home call center $10/hr

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U-haul work from home call center $10/hr

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http://jobs.uhaul.com/contact_center.as ... rkfromhome

U-Haul offers work-from-home call center jobs. Must be available to work 25 hours per week.....although it says it is not guaranteed you will work 25 hours. Pay is $10/hr (according to another website, so check about that). There are tech requirements, which I copied, below. I did shorten it, so be sure to fully read the page at the link.

I just noticed one of the jobs listed is a seasonal one for 8-14 weeks in May-August. You could try that one out, and if you like it then try the long-term 25 hour job!

I did work in a call center for a large bank for four years. Some advice I have for starting out is you have to speak VERY CLEARLY and enunciate every word. You may think you already speak well, but over the phone you probably do not. Also, you will speak to people from all over the country, and believe it or not, it can be very hard to understand other regional dialects of American English over the phone.....I don't even mean foreign-language accents. I'm from Illinois, but was working in Pittsburgh, and a majority of the calls came from the East coast.....New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware..... the accents were thicker than you hear on TV! And they speak very quickly and get frustrated because they think I speak too slowly. (As a kid, when I moved from Chicago to Central Illinois, I had to learn to slow down because teachers said I spoke too fast, lol) And they interrupt A
LOT. It was always a relief to get a customer on the phone from Illinois! lol People from the South almost sound like they're speaking half in a foreign language!

I would love to do this job, but unfortunately because I get financial assistance, earning as little as $70 in one month would cause me to lose at least a few hundred dollars each month.

Technical requirements that must be maintained at all times for any work from home position:

•A non-wireless USB headset.
•Broadband/high speed internet delivered to the home via a wired connection and a wired connection to the PC/Laptop inside the home.
•PC/Laptop: Windows 7, 8 or 10, 32-bit or 64-bit. 4G RAM (minimum) 8G RAM (preferred) with 5GB hard disc space available (or greater).
•Install/use the Company provided anti-virus software.

The following are not allowed for any work from home position due to security, compatibility or performance concerns:

•A wireless internet connection. A wireless Internet service (Ex: mobile hot-spot/tethering, satellite, last-mile). Windows XP or Vista operating system. A Celeron or Pentium processor. A rental or public computer/laptop. A public internet connection. May not have any other anti-virus programs installed/running other than the Company provided anti-virus software. Using non-work related programs while working.

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