Jingling January No Spend Challenge

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Jingling January No Spend Challenge

Post by Jackielou »

I don't know about the rest of you, but we will be tightening the belt for the next couple of months. Both to help pay for our trip, and because fixed costs are rising.

I am going to try for 22 no spend days in January.

Does anyone care to join in?

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Re: Jingling January No Spend Challenge

Post by ownedbydogs »

I will try to have a lot of no spend days as Dec has been a really spends month with 2 insurance payments being paid for the year. Then the vet bills for the diabetic dog and the Boston who ate a large amount of walnuts she got into. She still isn't well I didn't know nuts were so toxic to dogs. I will really tighten our money belt for a few months. Have reduced the cable bill and cancelled one cell phone. Now the roof has a leak. Waiting to see if someone will give me a quote to repair and not replace the roof. Something that is out of the scope for the guys here that I count on for cheap labor We will survive, hopefully without any debt.

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Re: Jingling January No Spend Challenge

Post by ChristmasTrees »

I am in! Normal bills....groceries...and I have to buy two birthday gifts. Hopefully, that will be all.

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Re: Jingling January No Spend Challenge

Post by MackerelCat »

As always, I am in. Twenty-two days seems to be a little beyond my reach lately, but I think 19 is definitely do-able.

We are managing to keep everyday expenses down, but the health insurance at DH's new job is costly to have and to use due to very high deductibles -- bad combination there -- and we have just been hammered by medical expenses. So the frugality has to be kicked up five or six notches in 2016.

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Re: Jingling January No Spend Challenge

Post by 11cats2beagles »

I am also in with...let's say 15 days of no spending.

S.O. is having the cable shut off on January 4th (fine by me, I went 8 years without television!) and we will be using Netflix and free redbox codes for movies. That will be a big savings for him - in preparation for the upcoming winter electric bills (we are a 100% electric household).

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Re: Jingling January No Spend Challenge

Post by rinty »

I am very much in !

We are both committed to spending as little as possible on food this coming January, there is enough and too spare of EVERYTHING. We also agree that there is nothing we need or want and January would be a good Slash/Burn opportunity.

There are no family birthdays, just my best friend of over 40 years, so I went out and got her gift today so as not to be buying it in Jan !

I have one last payday from my old job in mid January so that is an encouragement to NOT spend. Setting a goal of as many No Spend as humanly possible !

Entertainment we have prepaid cinema vouchers and we always take our own drinks and snacks........so we'll see JOY and CREED effectively for free. Theres a new blockbuster TV series starting Jan 1st ...War and Peace which am really looking forward to.

I will be jobhunting....making my craftroom actually USABLE and clearing/winterising the garden as well as helping out the kids with the grandchildren. Other than that, lots of dogwalking and country parks for entertainment.

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