Starting our 2018 No Spend Challenge

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Re: Starting our 2018 No Spend Challenge

Post by snowangel729 »

Also, yesterday was a spend day. DS is sick still has been for a week so I paid our new insurance co pay for him to go, and then went and bought meds, and a new humidifier for him. Turns out he has got a nasty virus going around that mimics pneumonia, and just developed an ear infection on top of that :( . Also found a cute bath toy in the christmas section at walmart for 1.22 to put up for his birthday in a few months.

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Re: Starting our 2018 No Spend Challenge

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

Well, I got a good deal yesterday for some socks. Had a $10.00 coupon from Kohls and after doing much looking and looking found some large girls socks that are longer for this cold weather on sale, 5 pairs for $11.00. By redeeming my $10 coupon it made the socks 5 pairs for $1.00. That's 0.20 a pair and all I did was dig around for a dollar in my purse. Yay for me and socks that I will not need to buy for years.

Today, was a planned spend; I needed a haircut and I used my Great Clips discount card. You normally pay $16 or $17 for a haircut, but with the discount card it is $10.99. So I got my much-needed trim that was planned in my budget.

My not-so-great spend was for two ink cartridges for my printer :x I updated my work history on my computer and when I wanted a copy printed out found that the cartridges were bone dry. Darn it, had to go to Bi-Mart and buy two ink cartridges, they had a small sale on them ($2.00 off each) but it wasn't something I wanted to do. I have tried taking them to Walgreens in the past so they could re-fill them for half the price but the last half dozen times I have tried it they leak and fail. I think the manufacturers have gotten wise to folks doing this to save a buck so they deliberately sabotage them to blow up like that so you are forced to pay $20 to 40 a piece depending on which cartridge you need. Bleh!

Hubby took himself and the doggie out to the woods today in the Jeep. It is mighty cold but very bright and sunny and our German Shepherd was starting to be a little butt-head because she had all this pent-up energy and nowhere to burn it off. She gets clingy and pushy and paces back and forth nonstop and gets on the furniture and is just anxious. Hubby has taken her out to the logging roads and let her run on them while he slowly follows in the Jeep behind her. They have done this for years and it weirds other people out when they pass by and see a dog running along the logging road in front of a Jeep Rubicon! But, it is the "magic bullet" to burn off all the working-breed energy she has and she is always comes home happy with sore paws and snoozes and is calm for days. Being up in the woods is cathartic for the Husband too ;)

I think I am going to get creative and make a meatless meal for dinner, along with some garlic bread and a salad. I promised myself that I would start making one meatless dinner each week to help cut the costs of meat in the house and I have a small set of recipes that look hearty enough with no meat, or I could at least use very, very little meat in them. I will let you know if my meat-eater husband notices.

Other than having to dump money on ink cartridges, my low/no spend is going ok for the 3rd day of January 2018. I try not to beat myself up over the cartridges, things happen, and I have a budgeted amount set aside for miscellaneous and unknown expenses that pop up. Well, going to keep moving forward, take care everyone!

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Re: Starting our 2018 No Spend Challenge

Post by Happychoice »

I think the manufacturers have gotten wise to folks doing this to save a buck so they deliberately sabotage them to blow up like that so you are forced to pay $20 to 40 a piece depending on which cartridge you need.

I so agree with you NoisyPC. Experience tells me not to try that again. I don't want to deal with that mess. I try hard not to print in colour, but sometimes unavoidable.

It's day 3 of 2018 and not a nickel has left my hands. The only spending was the allowable condo free for January which came out of my acct yesterday.

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Re: Starting our 2018 No Spend Challenge

Post by MackerelCat »

I spent no money today! Yay!

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Re: Starting our 2018 No Spend Challenge

Post by RedRobin »

No spend yesterday and today unless you count DH buying lottery tickets yesterday. He is not in the challenge but he did spend "our" money.

I had free bagels yesterday and today for breakfast, one with butter and one with cream cheese, free coffee and soda too. I brought leftovers to work both days to heat up in the microwave and there are cookies everywhere, so I had dessert.

I bought gas in 2017, before the challenge started, so I am working off last year's gas money right now. I do not go out of my way when driving, basically I drive back and forth to work, $35-40 a week, no getting around that except checking for the cheapest station on my route.

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Re: Starting our 2018 No Spend Challenge

Post by Momof2 »

Good luck NoisyPorkchop on your meatless meal.

While today was a no-spend day, I did find a partial cucumber in the crisper drawer that had to be tossed. I really hate to waste food. I have a couple of more cucumbers to use soon, but did some research and found out that cucumber is safe for rabbits to eat, so I will give them some of those over the next couple of days and save the carrots and celery for afterwards as those are not in danger of going bad. My rabbits get fresh veggies daily in addition to their daily food pellets and hay.

I plan on making waffles for breakfast tomorrow. I made white gravy today (still have some in the fridge) along with homemade biscuits and scrambled eggs. It was so good, especially with the cold weather we are having. My yogurt I made came out kind of thin, so I used some in the biscuits and will use a large amount in tomorrow’s waffles. Other than waffles and a pitcher of tea, we are having left-overs for both lunch and dinner. I used some of the left-overs, along with fresh veggies in the soup we had for dinner. I also made a couple of loaves of French bread to go with the soup. Since we had a cold day (at least for us here in Florida) soup and fresh bread was a nice dinner. I also used a couple of apples and some celery for a Waldorf salad we had along with the soup and bread.

I do not plan on leaving home tomorrow, so it should be a no-spend day too. Rm and I do plan on checking on and working on my car tomorrow- hopefully no money will need to be spent on it for now. It is going to still be colder, but not raining which it has been the last 3 or 4 days- seems like forever since it was sunny out.

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