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Re: Starting our 2018 No Spend Challenge

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:27 am
by Momof2Still
Thanks Dgflorida, and Happy New Year to you too.

Re: Starting our 2018 No Spend Challenge

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:58 pm
by alliesmama4
Momof2Still wrote:
Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:53 pm
Janet, like you I am glad for the No Spend Challenge and look forward to continuing on for 2019. I think it would be more appropriate to call mine a No New Spend Challenge as I did buy several things from my wish list, but all except the new bed, area rug for the living room, and the small vacuum to keep it clean, most everything else was from thrift stores (which I love). I did replace several kitchen items that needed replacing, some furniture which needed to be bought (new to me sofa-$17.00; dining table-$5.00; two chairs that match the table and have the same design as the free to me breakfast stools- $15.00 each; entertainment center- $7.50; recliner-$7.50). RM was kind enough to assist with looking for items and paying for a few of them. I was ready for my home to be more of a home than just where I kept my stuff. I love being a teacher, but there has to be a balance between work and relaxing, so having a home where I really love being and relaxing became a priority this past year.

I cut my food spending and still have way too much food in the house, so will cut my food budget even more this coming year. RM is now at his tech-school, so all the food in the house will last a long time with just me eating it. That too has been an adjustment. He is my best friend, but I did not realize how much I would miss him being around until he was gone. And his leaving really made me miss my own kids more- I think I missed the empty nest syndrome due to RM being around, so experienced that once he left.

By doing the challenge, I was able to go to my son’s wedding and go to RM’s graduation from boot-camp without incurring any debt from the expenses. This coming year I hope to go visit my daughter in California and make a couple of small trips to visit RM. I also have a couple of bills that I want to pay off this coming year and save a little more than in the past.

I have spent some time getting my 2019 budget ready and look forward to another low/no spend challenge. I am starting the coming year off with a pantry challenge that I am going to refer to as “my style pantry challenge.” By that I mean I will allow myself to use my grocery budget for items to assist with using what I have on hand- to make it more pleasant instead of just making do with what is on hand. I am setting my food budget at $25.00 a week for the first 6 months (that is $12.00 less than the USDA Thrifty Plan and $22.00 less that the Low-Cost plan). I plan on staying less than $40.00 a week for the last 6 months of the year.

I have more fresh food in the fridge that needs using soon or it will go bad than I would like to begin the year with, but that is far better than not having food. I just do not want to start the year off with wasting food. I did well for the most part with wasting very little food this year, and I would like to do as well or better this coming year.

I do have a few items on my 2019 Wish List, but the only one that I am willing to buy new is a new bedroom comforter set. I will wait until I find one that I really like and that is not overly expensive.

Anyway, here is to a productive and thrifty 2019.
Momof2. So good to hear from you and what you have bought for your home is amazing.. I too use my home as my sanctuary.. It is my comfort place.

Your food budget ideas sound good.

Glad you are going in to 2019 with a good plan. Happy that you are joining the challenge again. Looking forward to what you do and how you accomplish things.. Have a great and frugal year. Janet Alliesmama