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Re: DG's frugal journal

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:59 am
by Dgflorida
Wednesday am

Another beautiful day in Florida. There is a chance of rain late this afternoon, but plenty of time to get another coat of paint on the lattice. Need to do that early. More outside cleaning today. Since it is Wednesday, it would be good to get another trashcan of weeds for tomorrow's pickup. A do something day. If we get some rain, great. I need a reason to tidy up my desk.

Dawn is coming later, but I still wake up around 6 am. It is the coolest time of day, so I can get up, open the patio doors and turn on the house fan. Turning on fans and such drops the house temperature a degree. No need for ac these days, but a degree lower in the house ensures no ac. This pattern will work through December, when it starts to be cold. And it will work again in March when it is spring again. I would like to get a couple of more window fans. So far nothing has really impressed me. Working on that.

Today, I will cook a pot roast outside on the porch. So I must make sure and soak some beans. I think I will cook the last of the red kidney beans. I have left over chicken from a rotisserie chicken I got on discount. It is lasting me a long time. Hubs ate the breast meat right away. But he is working on the chili, so I get to nibble on the chicken. On discount, it is a good deal.

I read a bit in the book Hubs got on financial cycles. It is called super cycles. I hope hubs and I get some good discussions out of it.

Re: DG's frugal journal

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 9:13 am
by Dgflorida
Wednesday thoughts

Is there any news anymore? This summer it seemed like there was some kind of bombshell every day. Now nothing. Maybe it is the holiday season or maybe it is simply exhaustion. No more environmental die ins. No more bombshell whistleblowers. Apparently, not even anything interesting or new in last nights Democratic debate. Nothing in the financial news either. Well, at least there is the weather.

Re: DG's frugal journal

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 7:30 pm
by Dgflorida
Wednesday-end of day

I stayed active all day. I shortened my breaks and took fewer. I went for an extra long walk in the morning. Then pulled weeds away from my ground cover. Watered everything. I moved 12 pavers, 3 at a time in the wheelbarrow to finish off the fence garden access. I also moved 3 bags of marble chips for the expanded stone area on the north side of the house. I need it expanded to 24 inches in order to put in the termite poison stakes. I also blew leaves off the front concrete and put them in a garden tub. I cleaned the weeds out of several pots. Took all the trash and weeds to the curb for tomorrow's pick up. I did not paint. It was too windy. Stuff blowing around. I expect to sleep well. My knee is a bit uncomfortable, but should be fine after an ultrasound and overnight wrap.

Re: DG's frugal journal

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:21 am
by Dgflorida
Thursday am

I did sleep pretty good. My knee is not as good as I could have hoped, but not bad either. I feel thinner this morning. I need to stop giving myself after dinner treats. If I nibble late, it shows in the morning.

We got rain late. The humidity is too high to open the windows. So chances are the ac will come on a couple of times today. But I won't have to water using the well pump, so it all evens out electrical energy and $$ wise.

Today, I will try to do another long walk. Since everything is damp, I will work in the house during the early am. Maybe get the painting done late am. Weather and wind decides. Also do another ultrasound on the knee this am. I hope to plant some more seeds. This time directly in the ground for fall flowers. Rain is expected this weekend.

I have the seminar to go to this evening. I really prefer lunch ones because I can avoid evening traffic and it is better for my vision. Well, this will be an adventure. I sure hope it is worth it.

Friday should be back to normal. I want to focus on the area around the back porch and the northern side of the house. Time to walk, more later.

Re: DG's frugal journal

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:44 am
by Dgflorida
Thursday-later am

We got another long walk in. My neighbor, walking buddy, wants to get her weight down because she has to see the doctor right after Thanksgiving and expects to be heavier as a result. The Eggman neighbor came over yesterday to talk to hubs about laser procedures. Hubs had one. The Eggman has been told he has glaucoma and needs it. Hubs and I asked why they didn't recommend drops. Hubs had drops for his eye pressure issue. Eggman is not convinced on the operation. I recommend he get a second opinion if he was uncomfortable. He said he would ask for a consultation at least.

Walking buddy said I should get my laundry done today because rain was coming. So I have a load started. I am washing a couple of towels that need to be converted into something else. They are badly worn. Most likely I will convert them into girlie wipes. I do need more than I have at the moment. I still will likely need to do a load tomorrow if I can. Time for the bedding. Well, we will see how that works out.

I used some of the strings I saved from old underwear to tie up my plants. The cloth strings are gentle on the plant stems. I have some still good elastic from the underwear. I need to organize it a bit and sew some piece on the bottom corners of a couple of fitted sheets that aren't staying in place. Reuse, recycle. Waste not. Be frugal.

I forgot to thaw out a package of bacon, so I took a bit of ground beef and seasoned it with smoked paprika and fresh ground pepper. Not as good as bacon, but a needed extra protein with his eggs.

I took out a warranty for the new dishwasher. I normally don't, but the kitchen designer had a low opinion of this brand and she is smart. The reviews however were glowing, so.... These special sized dishwashers never go on sale, so repair and replace seemed the best option.

Re: DG's frugal journal

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 6:50 am
by Dgflorida
Friday am

It should be a nice day, at least until this afternoon. Then stormy weather is supposed to hit and last 24 hours. A good morning to get flower seeds planted. I like this journal. It does help me organize my time and achieve more frugal goals.

I went to a seminar last night with free dinner. The dinner was excellent. The seminar was the popular annuity index fund seminar. I may have been to this one before. However, it did get me thinking about investments.

Today, I intend to take another long walk. Then do outside whatever I can before the weather hits. This afternoon should be time to work in the house. I noticed something spilled or leaked in the refrigerator. So once the weather gets poor this afternoon, time to clean the refrigerator. Not a favorite job. Not nice to my knee. Also recycle a couple of thread bare towels and other mending.

Hubs finished the chili last night, so it is leftover pot roast for this evening. Easy cooking.

According to the weather, the front and squall lines should be done by late Saturday and Sunday should be clear and the temperatures nice and will likely remain dry for a few days. I would like to bleach the front concrete and get it pretty. That will take awhile. Also get more leaves collected. It is the season of falling leaves. Probably a lot more after this possible wind storm.