Marvelous May Recycle and Use It Up

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Re: Marvelous May Recycle and Use It Up

Post by Dgflorida »

Wow! Great Jackielou. An inspiration.

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Re: Marvelous May Recycle and Use It Up

Post by Jackielou »

Wow am I ever behind.

I need to catch you all up. Hope I remember everything.

Let's start with recycling...

1. Darned socks so they could be used longer. Those that were beyond darning have been cut into rings to use as ties in the garden.

2. Since I cut back on flower baskets and planters this year I used some of the old pots turned upside down in the bigger pots. This allowed me to use less soil to fill those big pots.

3. Hubby cleaned the cat bed and cat tent giving both new life. I added a bit more stuffing to the pillow in the cat tent.

4. Recycled some old canning jars into containers for food.

5. Took some rechargeable batteries to our recycle depot.

Now the use it ups...

Used up all the dental floss samples from the dentist.

Used up two interdental brushes from the dentist.

Used up the chili from the freezer.

Used up the stew from the freezer.

Used up a container of cherry pie filling from the freezer.

Used up 4 more balls of yarn. Decluttered in total 10 balls of yarn in the making of the prayer shawl I finished.

Used up all the salad fixings and fruit that has been bought until this point.

Used up a package of noodles.

Used up the jar of breadmachine yeast.

Hubby used up the remainder of the grass seed and fertilizer in the shed.

There is probably much more, but I can't remember everything. I really though I had posted in this thread just a week ago, but I guess not.

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Re: Marvelous May Recycle and Use It Up

Post by ephofma »

I need to post the rest of my May use-it-ups. Here goes:

Used up a bag of ice that was leftover from MIL's party.

At same party used up a large pkg of napkins (but I have 2 small pkgs left)

Used up bacon and 1/3 of quiche making DH a homemade TV dinner.

Used up remainder of meat loaf, spaghetti sauce and a good bit of the leftover spicy rice making DH another home made TV dinner.

Used up 2 small containers of Portobello sauce both FREE, remainder of spicy rice and remainder of macaroni as well as the remainder of a pkg of grated cheese for dinner.

Used up home made TV dinner of remainder of baked beans/weiners and corn. Added a small pkg of creamed spinach to round out meal.

Got all possible from tube of toothpaste and started on a free sample from dentist.

We used up every bit of bread in this house and I need to get more.

Finished up last box of cookies (that was difficult lol).

Finished up last tube of face wash and bought a tube of a new brand.

I know I'm missing a few; but, I can't remember what they were so that rounds out the rest of May.

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