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Re: Carleen's Countdown to 2020...

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:55 pm
by Carleen
Hello, Everyone and Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!

I know you all will be nearly overcome with this news - I worked on the spare walk-in closet today!!! It's been on my New Year's goal lists for a couple of years... Lots of clothing from my father, a few small pieces from my mother and tons of stuff from me. I actually got to vacuum the carpet in there and now there is room for my small step-ladder that I use in the kitchen's very high cabinets. There is still one shelving unit along one wall that will get done tomorrow. So, three cheers for me!!!

We now have a couple of trash bags of stuff not good enough to donate, two trash bags of items to be donated, and very few things were put back into the closet. Looking good!!!

No other news. There was no spare time to get into trouble!!! See you all tomorrow.

Re: Carleen's Countdown to 2020...

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:23 pm
by Carleen
OK - Here's the blast from my extra walk-in closet. Get ready, here goes:

It is all sorted, put in three donate bags, thrown in the trash can that will put out at the curb tonight for pick up tomorrow, AND only the few necessary items that I need to keep are put back in the closet in some sort order. YAY, ME!!!

I had to get ruthless with some items, especially with Mother's things. If the item was not of any emotional tie to me, away it went. She collected glass figurines that were expensive and looked super in her home but not so much in our house. The will be sold some time in the future. That was the sort of thing that, although she prized them, I'm not a glass figurine person. There were a few items that I had given her but they were for HER and not me. Oh, well. I hope this doesn't sound nasty but I really need to get may own life in order!!! My brain does not function well with a lot of stuff (clutter) sitting around.

Gotta go bet busy with other chores but just had to toot my own horn about the closet!!! Bye for now. Enjoy your frugality!!!

Re: Carleen's Countdown to 2020...

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:31 am
by Carleen
Greetings, Everyone!!!

Yet another update on the closet clean-out: Today is garbage pick-up day so the stuff to be discarded all actually went!!! The bags and boxes of stuff to donate are sitting by the door to be put in my truck or Hubby's car. When one or both of us travel in the direction of the donation place, we'll have no excuse over not actually taking them there. Away they go...

Next in line is getting rid of the mattress. It's a twin size and came from one of our daughters who doesn't want it back. Daddy used it for the couple of years that he lived with us. It's clean, etc., but with no place to store it, it will go out for pick-up next week. We have a nice daybed that will be put in place of the bed. That way, when a grandkid comes to visit he/she will still have a place to sleep.

Other than a few pieces of furniture shifting around, that will be the end of major work on that room. I do have some pictures that need to be hung in there but I'm waiting until I get the furniture pieces in their forever places! I don't want to be putting hangers on the wall and then have to move them.

This might seem like small potatoes to some people but, as I said in a previous post, this clean-out has been on the New Year's to-do list for at least a couple of years. (probably three years but who is counting?!) I'm totally thrilled to get this done and my brain is happier!!! AND the "cost" of doing this chore was just some strenuous activity which was a good thing! I'm one happy camper!!!

Take care, everyone. I'll be basking in the fact that I can walk into the closet and see the floor!!!

Re: Carleen's Countdown to 2020...

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:21 pm
by floridacatlover
Excellent work, Carleen!

Re: Carleen's Countdown to 2020...

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:27 am
by Carleen
Thanks. Florida!!! This is a huge success for me!

We had to go over to Aldi (for eggs) and the Goodwill donation place is directly behind it. So, because we had put the bags win Hubby's car, we stopped Goodwill and donated everything! Yahooeee!!!

Re: Carleen's Countdown to 2020...

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:14 am
by Carleen
Howdy, Everyone!!!

Just when I was beginning to feel as if we are in control of this house ---- Our dishwasher went pee-pee all over the kitchen floor. Yup, it was not a pretty sight!!! We mopped the water up and today we will go to look at new ones. I did look at prices and once again I'm in sticker shock. The last appliance that we purchased is the fridge and I'm still in shock over that one. jeesh...

Our granddaughter (the one who lives locally) is celebrating her birthday today with a family gathering. Should be nice. I've made my world-famous deviled eggs to take there. The group of people is great - good conversations, great food, etc. But we will stop at a couple of stores to look at dishwasher afterward.

Blustery winds and rain - not my favorite weather but it is March on the prairie. See you all later. Bye for now and enjoy your frugal day!!!