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Re: Stash Use It Up Challenge

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:03 am
by Jackielou
So what has disappeared out of my stash of fabric and yarn this month?

The remains of some yarn (approximately 50 gm) knitting the prayer shawl.

Four fairly large pieces of fabric, some of which I had planned on sewing last winter and never got around to it.

Three smaller, saved pieces of fabric that I made into infinity scarves ( have some smaller pieces of fabric from the projects I made this month that could be made into some more scarves).

No yarn bits and bobs completely used up in the fashioning of the knit temperature blanket, but a few are getting close.

Six balls of white Nantuk yarn have been used in the knitting of the cardi. A few more will disappear as I have more to go.

Re: Stash Use It Up Challenge

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:43 am
by Jackielou
I made some more infinity scarves out of fabric remnants. I used up a large piece of fabric sewing a skirt and cutting out a pair of pants (which I need to sew up yet, perhaps tomorrow before I sew on the quilt binding).

I have also used many spools of thread and bobbins of thread up since I last posted.

The prayer shawl I made this month used up one large yarn ball from the stash and part of another.

I plan on using that leftover yarn and another smaller ball of yarn to make the next prayer shawl. I even pulled out more yarn to make another prayer shawl in the future.

Re: Stash Use It Up Challenge

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:27 pm
by gaylejackson2
I finished stitching up all the 4" sqaures I had pinned together for ds16's quilt, giving me 91 approximate 10-1/2" blocks, on March 29 & 30th.

I think I will add some 10-1/2" solid blocks, using more fabric stash, for a different-looking quilt top than originally planned (I actually cannot find that drawing). Then I will use the remaining blocks (making more as needed) to make ds14 a similar-looking quilt, though his will have more blues & browns, and ds16's will have more greens & reds.

I'll likely wait to do actualy quilting (tying) until summer when I can work on them for solid blocks of time without having to worry over littles wrecking the quilting frames with their playing.
I discovered the other day that I still have at least one large continuous pre-printed quilt pattern on fabric, and may use it (unless it's a double wedding ring which seems odd for a child's bed) to make ds11 a quilt with this summer as well.

Re: Stash Use It Up Challenge

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:36 pm
by gaylejackson2
Oh I also used up several small balls of yarn by crocheting "saltines" during the week of Subbing before Spring Break (about two weeks ago). I keep findng more balls of yarn but they are also getting used up as well, for the same thing.

This is what I mean by saltines, simply scroll down until you see the pattern for them. I send my completed ones to the lady mentioned here, and she makes blankets for charity.

Re: Stash Use It Up Challenge

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:52 am
by Jackielou
Since I started my challenge for this month I have been forgetting to add to this one.

I am almost finished the prayer shawl and will have used up two balls of different colours of yarn in doing so. I hope to be completely finished by the end of this week, beginning of next.

The fabric strips I have cut over the years are now being used in quilt tops, not just as slashing or binding, but the entire top. That is using up lots of them. In fact the drawer is almost empty.

I found some green coloured small remnants of fabric and cut those into strips as the quilt top I am working on right now is greens and I knew I needed a few more strips to make it as big as it needs to be. So two small fabric pieces gone from the storage drawers.

I will be getting to the small balls of yarn soon to make those squares, also found lots of leftover sock yarn and just may decide to add some colourful socks to next months goal list.

Re: Stash Use It Up Challenge

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:56 am
by Jackielou
Well got all the green scraps used up and now will be starting on the rust, gold, brown and orange. I have a few strips of black and some strips of flowered that I am going to try and use in this last quilt. This will see another drawer mostly cleaned right out.