Christmas 2020

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Re: Christmas 2020

Post by gaylejackson2 »

I don't even want to think about Christmas right now. *SIGH*

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Re: Christmas 2020

Post by rinty »

Well, it'll be here in 3 months from today !

Today I wetn thru pantry spices and we have A TON , ( seriously ) of cinnamon.


We also have a TON of apples , hence I have started dehydrating Apple rings with cinnamon and am looking to get CHEAP oranges to make Pot Pourri for Christmas. For me but will alos gift it . I was thinking of giving baggies to work collegues now actually asI was frustrated that I couldn't give 'em batches of stewed apple or baked goods cos COVID.

DS has gone thru a toy catalogue and was actually interested. I made a note of the things that caught his eye. I was delighted actually.

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Re: Christmas 2020

Post by Jackielou »

Finished a couple of gifts this month. Hubby's sweater done and the beeswax wraps for the DS's.

Working on other things now and trying to come up with a few more ideas.

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Re: Christmas 2020

Post by HappyDaze »

Our Christmas will be very low key and simple this year. I'll get one gift each for my parents and give them a small "basket of goodies" as a "together" gift. A grocery store gift card for son and his wife, along with a chocolate orange for each of them and a few small gifts for my daughter -- and of course something for the dogs. I usually pick up something in multiples for work gifts - like mugs with candy in them or lip balms for the females - so will do that for under $15.

I'm planning for a few special things - like homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast, lots of Christmas movies, etc. - it's the "little things" for me that make Christmas amazing and special.

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Re: Christmas 2020

Post by rinty »

Boots points up to £60. Looking very good.

Reality bites re seeing people. We cannot see DSF, this will impact badly on DS but its truly impossible. Can't even have them see each other outside. I haven't put this to DSF but I've spoken to extended family and they confirm it. Giftwise they will get a food gift from us, DSF doesn't want stuff, his wife likes it though ;) But it will have to go in the post.

My DB has phoned , I don't feel he is in a good place. I would like to meet up with him if at all possible evn if its outside all dressed up. You often see groups with camping chairs having a get together by lakes, in parks , beaches etc. I have said I/we are up for that . But he has said No Gifts and that means a nice chunk goes back into the budget........quite glad I haven't already got them something actually as I nearly did ! I will pop Amazon gift cards in for my nephews though, they are youngest nephews in the family ( under 18 ) so wouldn't feel right to NOT gift them but won't do DB and DSIL.

Another gift we normally do is an elderly ( not actual but been around a while ) relative who is increasingly frail and unaware, its daft to be gifting her realistically . If she is still at home ,which is borderline then I'll buy supermarket flowers from " the kids "

So the £60 Boots points are all up for grabs as they would be the ones I'd use the points on . The points don't expire so I needn't spend them.

ANYWAY that the gift list cut down. Four of the grands BIG gifts have been bought. All their choice ! So giant Barbie dolls rule apparently . It will certainly look satisfyingly huge under the tree . Oldest 2 will get cash or vouchers so just the 10 yr old and 8 yr old to decide what they want.

DH bought two more Salvation Army gifts .........a gigantor box of LEGO and Peppa Pig House. If the local SVP have a gift drive I will suggest we take those there. NO hint of any shoebox collections , normally heard of some by now. If there aren't any we could fill gift bags for the local immigrant charity with what we've got on hand.

One job for this week is to get in the loft and and dig out our most child friendly Christmas decs and give them to DS who was planning on emigrating as they gave away /sold all theirs .

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Re: Christmas 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

I will most likely be alone for Christmas but I’m fine with it. I’m not sure about my friend who invites me for Christmas dinner but unless she serves the dinner outside (which is possible), I’ll decline.

But, I’m planning to fully decorate my house and do it in mid-November to really enjoy the season. Also I’ll enjoy Christmas music and Christmas movies. (This is the season I do miss having the Hallmark channel, however.)

Since my friends and I will not be able to attend a Christmas play, we’ve decided to go to a tropical garden in the area. This is an “old Florida” attraction that has been here for decades and I haven’t been there in years. Then we will go for a late lunch at an outdoor spot (haven’t decided where).

And of course I’ll do a Christmas jigsaw puzzle or two 😀.

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