Sandi's 2020 $ Challenge

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Re: Sandi's 2020 $ Challenge

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SandiSAHM wrote:
Sun Dec 13, 2020 12:55 am
Red Robin has the gf bun option. Burger King, alas, will never get my business because if I'm going to spend $ on a takeout burger, it needs to have a bun (one that doesn't cause pain for days).

I did read Target carries Impossible burgers in their freezer section. This would be a far more economic option than having it cooked FOR me. But I'd need to find a good GF bun (RR's is GOOD, you'd never guess it's GF - I wonder what brand it is; at this point I only know what brand it's NOT).

Doubly more economic to buy them frozen because, really, DH and I could split a burger and be full, they're that large. DS can make one disappear so fast you'd think he was a Hoover :lol: and his sister eats "half now, half later." How she can stand a reheated bun is a mystery to me but... waste not, want not, I suppose.
Thanks for the information on the Target impossible burgers as well as the Red Robin burger and bun. My nearest Red Robin is a 50 mile round trip but maybe when things settle down with the pandemic I can stop and get curbside when I go to my next Drs appointment. They are in the same town.

I have not eaten their buns but do like Canyon Bakehouse breads. They are somewhat better than the usual gluten free breads I have tried. I buy the occasional loaf of their bread at Walmart. They have a lot of varieties and Walmart is a couple of dollars cheaper than my local chain stores.
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Re: Sandi's 2020 $ Challenge

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Well, putz. DS has taken a shine to coding and other computer-related "stuff" (once upon a dinosaur, that's what I went to school for - they didn't call it "IT" yet, that's how long ago). I'm all for him learning anything he can about it as it'd be another tool in his belt, but so much of IT is done overseas now, and it can ALL, nearly, be outsourced, that I'd still rather he get his ME or EE.

He's young yet. I'll save the lecture for some other day - or leave it to his Dad, who is now managing a team of IT folks on 4 continents (outsourcing? anyone?) who support engineering folks, because all of a sudden it dawned on people - imagine if an engineer were telling the IT people what the engineers need... How, even? Before? Were they guessing? Because I listen to the convos and this is some seriously technical stuff. So I asked, and he said that before, nothing was getting done the way the engineers needed it and the two sides couldn't talk to each other without fighting (I've determined that management, which I did for a short time many years ago and hated for this very reason - is nothing more than 1) refereeing, on a good day and 2) baby-sitting, on a bad day, and I do not envy him the task).

I have given up on fiscal 2020. Going into the year I had a plan that did not include a pandemic and the picking up of a new expensive hobby for 3 of the 4 people in the household (there's an expression, apparently: "get your kid into mountain biking and he'll never have money for drugs") but I'm glad they're amused and will fit maintenance of their new toys into the 2021 plan, the way I see it as long as their hobby means exercise outside it beats the snot out of sitting around the house.

2021's plan includes a more focused effort on saving and investment. Either they'll play along, or I'll take all the cards and they'll be short on luck!!

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