Daily Check in May 19. 2017

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Re: Daily Check in May 19. 2017

Post by jckitty » Fri May 19, 2017 9:55 am

Good morning all,

Drinking coffee and watching mindless morning TV, it is raining and a lot cooler than yesterday. but of news this AM.... :? decided to switch to mindless stuff until I get my "burst of energy" and get started on my very short to do list. ;)

Sister in law and I had a fabulous time at the buy out/bargain center yesterday , we packed the car with our buys. ;) I found my yogurt and bought 4 cases of 12 each for 1.00 each!!!! It is "no gmo's and no anything else" all natural and tastes like cheesecake. Of course that is not all I bought. Sister in law had never been and she was impressed.

I was tired and she was worn out...but we had a ball!! We didn't make it to the plant center, so she wants to go one day next week :D No problem, I will just get dad settled for the day and we will go.

I have dusting and floors to do today, thinking of pizza for supper. I think with capicola ham and pineapple on it, pepperoni for dad. IF it sounds good to him :D

Off to get started.
Have a great day all,
Maggie, that is very scary about your mom....praying for her.


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Re: Daily Check in May 19. 2017

Post by mbrudnic » Fri May 19, 2017 10:00 am

There is an Old Time Pottery here. It is similar to the old Garden Ridge if you have been to one of those. But be prepared for a treasure hunt.

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Re: Daily Check in May 19. 2017

Post by clemencia2us » Fri May 19, 2017 10:03 am

Think I slept well.

I did get up earlier than my dogs for once. I enjoyed a cup of coffee before they decided to get up and go outside.

I'm going to a funeral service this morning. My mom's favorite cousins husband. Mom would have wanted us to go.

So I'm ready and just sitting around waiting to leave. One sibling is going with me. I just told her I was going and didn't want to guilt anyone into attending, but she said she wanted to go, so i'm picking her up.

Other than that not much else I hope. It has been very windy. Probably the edges of the bad weather they are having in the Midwest. I saw tornado activity in Oklahoma. Scary.

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Re: Daily Check in May 19. 2017

Post by Dgflorida » Fri May 19, 2017 11:54 am

Good morning all,

Been a crazy week. Now ending it with roofers putting on a new roof. Just the highlights. Hurry up and wait and wait and wait. Getting an area cleared out for the lawn guy to mow and hurt my back. I could not bend over, so everything I put on the counter would jump off to the floor. :x Monday, handymen were supposed to build me a hurricane door. Waited. They finally called. Truck broke down. Lawn mow guy was supposed to come late Monday and I wanted to hang around to show him what I wanted done. He never showed up. Tuesday, handymen show up. Work awhile. Disappear. Come back, work until late. Called lawn guy, got answering machine. PT for hubs came on Tuesday. Hubs was weak. It was a difficult day. She said we needed to go to a specialist. We called and got one. Wednesday, handymen called and can't come because of their mother. I contact the local facebook group and ask for lawn guy referrals. Call those who gave a phone number. All answering machines. I went to the chiropractor for my back. Thursday, handymen come back and finish the job by end of day. Roofing materials were to be delivered. Waited. They never showed up. Called company. Got answering machine. Hubs was in pain and could not walk. We asked for a nurse to come and take blood to see if he was having a potassium crash (which sent him to the hospital before). Nurse came. Called regular doctor for a pain Rx. Picked it up late. Meanwhile hubs was feeling tired late afternoon. I figured low sugar, gave him a dinner with extra carbs. Hubs could not stand at all to turn around to use the toilet, no. 2. I took the shower seat, took out the middle portion, put a bed pan under it and hoisted him on it at bedside. Friday, today. About 6:45 am, clomping on my roof. No door knock or anything. Old roof is off. New materials arrived a few minutes ago. 90% chance of afternoon rain. :roll: Used hug position to transfer hubs from bed to chair. I hope the meds kick in fast. I hope they work. Nurse company calls and asks if hubs is ok. The blood sugar came out at 36. Someone was supposed to call immediately last night and no one did. :roll:

Well, that is why I have not been posting. The roof is the last major paid project on my goal list for the year, well I think. Well, off to start lunch. Have a good day all.

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Re: Daily Check in May 19. 2017

Post by LWolfT » Fri May 19, 2017 12:01 pm

Good morning ... for a few more minutes.
Wicked thunderstorms woke us up this morning ... lightning must have struck nearby because a couple of thunderclaps shook the house. Overcast and cooler right now.

Florida ... we have Old Tyme Pottery here, too. Maggie's right, it's more like Garden Ridge (which I think is @Home now). Always fun to go through there and look. Prices are pretty good ... depending on what you're looking for.

DG ...sorry to hear about what you're going through ...

Not sure what's on the agenda today ... need to peek at the garden to make sure all is well. Always laundry to do ... may start to move some stuff out of the living room in preparation for the drywall fix next week.

Jackie ... hope this means good news for your Dsis!
Update .... another round of thunderstorms just came in ... may not be good news for the youth baseball league tonight ...
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Re: Daily Check in May 19. 2017

Post by frugalmom » Fri May 19, 2017 12:16 pm

It has been a crazy week. Doctor appts, prom,Disneyland trip for dd,then yesterday mom fell and called my sister who called my daughter to take care of gm(bc sister said she is in SF and my dd was even farther out and so was my son at work) so dd drove home and a young guy in a racing car rear ended her on the bridge! So basically that car is probably totaled and she is in pain but she has finals today and she was crying! She asked me why does bad stuff always happen to ME! I told her to calm down and it is life-BUT what else can you really say. I just told her to focus on studying which she could not and did not sleep at all last night til 4 am and went to school!!! I know things happen and I am trying really hard to stay positive and I told her to just do her best. She is so near graduating we do not want a fail on this final or maybe she will have to take the class over(Idk?)-I told her to explain the situation to the professor. She says everyday something bad happens to me-she just found out her friend is dying and in need of a kidney transplant and she is young so she is upset about that too and her bf who is a guy she knew since 2nd grade going out of state to get his masters. Then they told her she cannot work during the summer bc of budget cuts so she will fall behind in her bills as she was originally told she would work during the summer, I told her at least she has support,not sick or dying,her family is there for her,etc. But I don't know if it is really sinking in and I am trying to stay positive for her! Tournament this weekend for Preston as well as prom.

We decided on UC Davis bc we think she will thrive better there-she liked UC Berkeley but I think strategy wise she will excel at Davis(so she can get good GPA and prep for the MCAT and hopefully be top tier of the class) , be less stressed(save that for medical school time),cheaper by 4k out of my pocket and I am appealing fin. aid as well to get hopefully a bit more. and dorms/housing are cheaper. BUT it was really hard to let go of a school educators are saying is like Harvard. I think my brother who is a professor is disappointed in our selection and felt I tainted her view and set her up for failure already at ICB if I thought that way-I cannot help they said they had grade deflation-I thought I was doing my research and being realistic! He says I was being negative,but we liked UCB too but I think being realistic.

Oh so we are towing the car back home today-prob be totaled out and she will have to buy another car. So busy day today-going to dr and SF as well. BTW if anyone knows how I can word it for dd who thinks everything bad happens to her and she does not understand why since she says she is a good person,with a good heart and think of others before her-well if you can tell me what to say let me know!

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