What Would You Have On Your Pre-Op To Do List?

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Re: What Would You Have On Your Pre-Op To Do List?

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Since your area has had several boil water notices, i would get some bottled water. So that that doesn’t need to be dealt with while you are recovering.

I know how difficult this has been for me. I am still dealing with it. It has been a number of days. My section of the city is the largest area still needing to boil water.


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Re: What Would You Have On Your Pre-Op To Do List?

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Jackielou wrote:
Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:06 am
Okay, just in case I forget something, or other that needs to be done, or you all have something you would add here is my list. I probably will have a recovery period of about 6 weeks (according to all I have researched and those who have been through the surgery tell me, though all were much younger when they had it done). These things I think need to be done to give me time to recover and recover well.

1. Basement cleaned (floors swept, washed, carpet vacuumed).

2. Ready made foods brought upstairs and put into fridge freezer. Some easily prepared foods as well (chicken breasts, roast, pork chops, sausage).

3. Bread made and frozen for use during recovery time.

4. One more shopping trip to pick up extra pain relief pills (I do not use the pain relief pills the doctors like to hand out for very long if at all), heavy fiber fruits and veggies, extra milk, and some special snacks as I am going to feel sorry for myself once this is all over. ;)

5. Bedding stripped and washed.

6. Usual household tasks done by Wednesday.

7. Books collected from the downstairs shelves to read, knitting all in a bag by my chair.

8. Phone, ereader, tablet, all charged up and ready to be used starting Thursday.

9. Phone to reserve hotel room (I have a feeling not totally necessary, but I will do so).

10. Relax, don't worry.
I must have missed that you were going to have surgery! I hope everything will go smoothly for you and you will have a quick recovery! I will say a prayer for God to be with the surgeons and you during the surgery and look after you throughout all this and afterwards til you are better!

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