Gambling - a RANT!

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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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icfrugal1 wrote:
Sun May 09, 2021 12:56 pm
1969 minimum wage $1.35 under 18 $1.50 over 18. I was over 18 , but was paid $1.35 because I was still in HS !

Minimum wage should be much more then $15.00

I agree. If you can't pay a living wage? You shouldn't be in business.

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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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MackerelCat wrote:
Sun May 09, 2021 2:52 pm
I have a horror of gambling because my family is chock-a-block with alcoholics and people with mental illness that likes to hold hands with prescription drug addictions. Anything we discover we like, we like it WAY too much. I'd rather light money on fire than gamble with it.

Sheila, you did good. You do need to keep your daughter away from your sister because your daughter is 35 but may not perceive her aunt as dangerous, which she is in a morally erosive way.
Mackie, same. To me gambling is as good as setting fire to my money and I'd rather save on the gas and just set it on fire. I don't know what is going to become of my sister (perfectly able bodied by the way) when my parents are gone. She need not come barking up my tree.

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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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I have no opinion on gambling. But if the only choices are not enough money to live on or having unemployment I'm for the latter. The reason those people can't find employees isn't because of the unemoyment boost its because the jobs dint pay crap. In much of the country ten bucks an hour means homelessness or close. Companies should pay folks what they are worth. Don't pay ten bucks an hour with no benefits and then &#@!? about how No one wants to work for you. If they needed employees they would pay them. Instead they make the few they have do triple the work.

Sorry but this us a VERY sore subject with me. Keep the unemoyment boost or raise the minimum one of the two.

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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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The jobs available are low-paying retail and restaurant, with little to no benefits, no promise of full time, no guarantee of hours or a set schedule.

These jobs are primarily filled by women, who most right now still have their kids at home doing zoom school. Schools that are open mostly just have higher income and white children in school. Minority children are back in school at shockingly lower rates.

Many school districts are having zoom summer school, to get kids caught up and keep them on track.

Women who return to work will still have to arrange and pay for child care for their kids home from school, and/or these jobs require working 2nd and even 3rd shifts.

There is virtually no child care because we are still in a pandemic.

And these jobs are risky because of it. Our walmart was shut down by the health department last week for three days of deep cleaning..........because 40% of their employees got covid.

Cutting off the extra unemployment is absurd.........they will be making much less money if they work, and they could also fall behind on rent. Landlords are already deep in the hole because people haven't been able to pay rent.

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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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Why do some people feel so entitled to other peoples resources? I love my sister dearly, but she always helped herself to my parents resources when they were alive. I just don't get the entitlement.
She and my BIL moved in with my Mom some time after my Dad died. It was a relief for me to have someone with my Mom. Mom lived by herself for the first 10 years after Dad died.
They moved in because Mom was ready to have someone there...and it allowed my BIL to retire early. That was a good thing because he had a heart attack a few weeks after he retired.
Long story short...they were to assume some of the expenses of the household....they certainly had the money.
Well...that lasted a few months and then it became....Mom is going to cover these expenses this month because we are a little short. Short HOW???? Eating out in restaurants to the tune of TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH!!!! I kid you NOT!
I blew my top. I insisted they pay what they agreed on. That lasted a while and then...I really don't know.
My Mom developed dementia the last few years of her life and DS and BIL took excellent care of her. I did too...but they lived with her. They loved her dearly and the three of them were like the three musketeers.
But...they totally lived off of her and blew all of their own money.

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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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And....yeah..I am not at all a gambler. We worked too hard for what we have.

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