Daily Check In May 30, 2021

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Daily Check In May 30, 2021

Post by Jackielou »

Off getting my coffee, will be back.

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Re: Daily Check In May 30, 2021

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Sunny and actually pretty warm this morning. I will be heading out for my walk and wearing capris I think. It is supposed to reach almost 25 C today which would be about the mid 70's F range. We may actually have a summer yet.

I still have one vine to plant, and need to clean off a few cushions and chairs. Still have the front deck to set up as well. My lemon trees are staying inside until it really warms up at night. Some of these are things I had planned on getting completed yesterday, but for some odd reason would start and then leave unfinished. Today I will get them done and perhaps start a couple more.

Some of you who are friends with me on FaceBook or read my blog have seen the pictures of the temperature blankets I made over the last couple of years. I am now tempted to make one for each of those years showing the precipitation instead of temperature. I think it might be interesting to see if things are getting drier over the years. Must think a bit more on that, like what colour for rain, for snow, and for sleet? What would the background of the blanket be to show up the colours? What colour would I use to differentiate between the months? I will think on this a bit more. The other bigger question is do I need more knitted blankets?

Yesterday afternoon I started my next project. A new cross stitch angel don't know where I will put it, but we do need some new pictures on the walls and I have lots of empty frames to use. In the evenings I have pulled some more yarn and will knit a few scarves to give away as Secret Santa next Christmas.

Frugal happenings will be the usual. I will water my plants using the water in the rain barrel, make do with what I have on hand to prepare meals (and believe me there is lots). Since there will be no more spending this month I will start to work on entering costs on the budget lines and filing the papers away.

Of course I will be doing my daily walk for exercise. And I figure working in the backyard will give me even more (think the center perennial bed could use another weeding).

I need to find my sugar scrub recipe and perhaps get that started at some point. So easy to make and so much less expensive than the ones you buy. I do wish I had some pretty containers though. Somehow small plastic containers with snap on lids (think Rubbermaid fridge containers) just do not look elegant in a bathroom. ;)

Supper tonight just might be steak on the smoker...That is if Hubby wants that. A bit of a change and a surprise. Should be no real leftovers with that unless it is salad. The salad will use up some of the cauliflower, broccoli, red onion and cucumber, perhaps I will throw in the few cherry tomatoes as well.

Today I am grateful youngest DS came home for a visit and I got to declutter lots of things to him. Well not lots, but 20 container type items left as well as my very old cannister set.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In May 30, 2021

Post by HappyDaze »

Good Morning Jackie and All Frugal Friends. Jackie, sounds like you have been very busy and more projects on your agenda.

I slept in this morning until after 7:00 - thank you dogs! Have been to my boss's house and given her dogs their morning outing and breakfast. Will go back at 2:30 and again at 8:00 to put them to bed.

Going to visit my parents later this morning. They are having a lot of stress, compliments of my sister, who won't get out of their "country house." There may need to be some drastic measures taken, which I hate the thought of.

I did a lot of cooking yesterday and have several things prepared and ready for reheating for the next several days. I did this basically to help with a "pantry challenge" that I"m doing - staying out of the grocery store saves me I'm guessing around $50.

I'm disappointed that we didn't get to go on our horseback riding excursion yesterday but we have rescheduled for June 26th. Inexperienced riders on trails that are slippery doesn't sound fun to me though!

Off to get ready to go see Mom & Dad. Y'all have a great, safe, blessed day!

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Re: Daily Check In May 30, 2021

Post by itspennyc »

I know I did too much yesterday.

I woke up about 3:45 and couldn’t fall asleep again. I got up and read for a short while. Took my morning medication and went back to bed. I woke up a little after 7 am. Took my shower and fixed breakfast.

I have a dress wash in the dryer and a white wash in the washer. Breakfast was oatmeal with blueberries. I finished loading and set off the dishwasher. I need to empty the dish drainer and wash the hand dishes.

Last night I washed 3 fabric “Fat Quarters”, one is a stuffed gnome. Actually 2 as both printed pieces are of the front of the Gnome. I will back with black or white. I haven’t decided. Most likely white so they can be washed.

I may fix my steak for dinner today.


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Re: Daily Check In May 30, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

Another grey day. The grass is getting tall but the COD said can't be cut cuz still too wet. And it looks like it might rain again today - oh well. What can you do?

Had a restless night due to senior pups. They finally went to sleep about 6am. Thankfully I did too. Woke up about 9:30! I was surprised.

Also surprised that I woke up thinking of all the little things I will get done today! Guess taking my meds is helping.

Have a great day!

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Re: Daily Check In May 30, 2021

Post by MackerelCat »

Jackie, can you make the blankets smaller, like throws, and donate them to a hospice or nursing home? That would be a good way to do the project, use up your stash, and not be drowning in blankets.

Good day, frugal friends. I am glad Janet had a fun time at the wedding and is safely home.

Shelia, this may be the thing, hard as it is, that makes your parents start requiring your sister to behave like an adult. (((hugs)))

On frugal things, yesterday I spent a little bit of money on some flannel fabric, which I use to make face cloths and also towels to dry my hair with. The ones I made so long ago are wearing or worn out. Also bought some Pyrex glass lunch containers with Snapware lids, as my old Rubbermaid plastic lunch dishes are so scratched up that DH has decreed they need to go. They have been in constant use for six years.

And I ordered a case of low-sodium canned salmon from Amazon for the dogs, which was on sale. Usually they get canned mackerel, but that was nowhere to be found. The salmon was better, as I can borrow a few cans to make salmon patties for us humans. :)

Yesterday was cool and very breezy, so I line-dried some clothes on the back porch. That was so nice.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

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