Daily Check in June 15, 2021

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Re: Daily Check in June 15, 2021

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Update: I love being home so much and my house needs so much TLC. After the pantry was straightened up, I took the front storm door apart to clean it and repainted the bottom trim. It's actually a combo of a storm and security door, made of heavy steel cast in a beautiful oak leaf and acorn pattern that covers the three removable glass panels. There are heavy steel screens that can replace the glass if we want.

It came with the house and probably cost a fortune 50 years ago. The only drawback to it is that the ornate design gets dusty outside and the only way to clean it is to take it apart first. That is a major chore, but it gives me a chance to touch up the paint as needed.

I also touched up a few spots of paint in the laundry room and freshened the paint on some white wicker baskets we use in the bathroom to hold toiletries.

Been doing a bag for Goodwill as I declutter and putting a lot of junk in the trash too. Tomorrow I plan to clean the kitchen blinds, window and backsplash and declutter the laundry room.

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Re: Daily Check in June 15, 2021

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I still have a few things to accomplish today, mostly in the baking area. I want to get enough in the freezer that when the DS's are home I will not have to bake and can visit with them. Also want enough so that when Hubby's sweet tooth acts up there is something I can pull out for him.

I did do some cross stitch, picked the rhubarb, and got all the household chores on my list completed, except for getting our allowances...I walked to the bank this morning and the ATM was out of order. It can wait until tomorrow or Thursday when I go shopping.

Got my rebate from our Co-op store and it is $150.00 or so dollars. Should buy all our groceries this week for sure.

I am still a bit unsettled from the diagnosis, but getting a bit better coping with it each day.

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Re: Daily Check in June 15, 2021

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ownedbydogs wrote:
Tue Jun 15, 2021 8:38 am
Got up at 4. Got morning “have to do” things done. Feed dogs. Let goats out and make breakfast. Waiting on son in law to come and cut grass. Have to open and close gates for hi because of the goats. Got bad news yesterday concerning one of the dogs. The Pom that wakes me every morning at 4. Had blood work on the Pom in order to have his teeth cleaned and his blood work showed liver and pancreas levels really high. So high that she mentioned pancreatic cancer. Except for more water drinking and peeing a lot, no other symptoms I can see. It was a shock! Thought it might have been diabetes. He is 10. Changing his food and recheck in 3 weeks.

Owned so sorry to hear your dog might be serioulsy ill. I do hope things will be ok. ((hug)).
Janet Alliesmama

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