Daily Check In June 17, 2021

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Re: Daily Check In June 17, 2021

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I did not run errands like I planned on doing. After saying Teddi was doing better this morning he jumped off of the bed about an hour later and ran over to me and threw up. I went outside with him several times during the morning for him to go potty. He even followed me down our long driveway to watch me use the weed wacker around the mail box post. He seemed better and when he realized I was going to the car he did his little happy dance on his back legs and wanted to ride along. We went in to the village about 3 miles away for me to drop off the check at the drive thru then we went in to town. I was doing a drive thru pick up since I knew with the heat he could not be left in the car. I was bad and bought a bag of potato chips to go with my tuna fish salad. I am out of gluten free crackers and gf bread and potato chips are much cheaper than either one of those things.. that is my story and I am sticking to it..lol Then decided we were so close to Jack-in-the-Box I would drive thru and get their Southwest Chicken salad. Huge mistake. Usually I can make two good meals from the one salad. First they were out of the special Southwest salad dressing which to me is the main feature of the salad. They subbed in Ranch. Which I already have at home. Usually there is two nice portions of grilled chicken. This one had small chopped bits of chicken instead of a several nice pieces of grilled chicken. So while I was sifting through the lettuce looking for the chicken I found a nasty bit of lettuce. The core part that your have next to the core was black.. yuck.. There was hardly any chicken and after seeing the nasty lettuce it turned me off of eating anymore salad. Even the lettuce tasted off like one of those bags of pre-cut lettuce you can buy at the grocery store. I do not buy them because they do not taste fresh. I am going to call Jack's 1-800 number and complain. Then on the way home Teddi kept wanting to go to the back seat. I would not let him because I have things back there that are going to go to the basement. After a few minutes he threw up twice in the front seat. I always have a towel on the seat when we go for a ride. Thank goodness. He has nibbled a little bit of his pork roast this evening and is drinking water and now sleeping on my bed. Poor little guy wish I knew what is going on with him and what to do for him.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check In June 17, 2021

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Yeah me I finished a sewing project. One sleeveless top for the summer done. I now have the next one (a longer sleeved one for winter) beside my machine. I will read the directions over tonight and hopefully get the threads and needle changed on my machine early tomorrow. I would like to get that one sewn by sometime Saturday.

Shopping was done quickly today and I really spent way under what I have usually spent. Fist pump here. Hopefully sales will continue to be good and I can work on getting my meat freezer back to being stocked up for the season.

Other than those few things it has been very quiet around here. We may be going up to visit one of Hubby's brothers and taking another one with us. The one we are taking with us (perhaps) always seems to have trouble holding on to his jobs. This time the elevator (grain) he was working at as the boss closed down leaving him unemployed. B is 59 years old so there isn't much out there for that age group. Hubby is worried about him as he is prone to depression.

Off to visit Hubby on the deck as supper is in the oven (decided not to make vegan curry, will do so another time). I made Chicken Cordon Bleu instead and will use up the leftover rice and made a salad (which will last a couple of days).

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Re: Daily Check In June 17, 2021

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Hello all,

"Prego" is doing better, she has been instructed to take it way easier and slower than she has been. In my family we all have a tendency to kinda over do. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts, she still has to go back for stress tests and possibly shots. This will go on until she delivers.

I mowed and weed- wacked until the battery ran down...on the charger now for possible use tomorrow.
We got out 1/2 beef and have it distributed .
Other "adopted " grand daughter and her fiance came and got the patio furniture they wanted and now I am just vegging before hitting the tub.

Pork tenderloins for supper, I hope we can get the yard at DD2's house done tomorrow....depends on the weather. We need rain but yard needs mowed first.

Off to take a hot bath,

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Re: Daily Check In June 17, 2021

Post by MackerelCat »

Kitty, I hope she takes the advice to heart and takes it easy. Janet, I am sorry poor little Teddi is still having stomach issues.

I picked up the pace and thoroughly dusted the house with many flannel cloths and Endust. There's a lot of wood and open shelves and it took me several hours to do five rooms. Took a couple of breaks outside with the dogs to pull vines off the fence and got that done too. Did not get any windows washed, though.

DH and I went out to dinner. I am horrified at how much restaurant prices have jumped since Covid started: prices have doubled. A mojito, which is a pretty simple cocktail, was $15! I drank water instead.

My 1% bonus from last year at work hit the bank today. It worked out to only $160 after taxes since I was hired later in the year, but every little bit helps.

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Re: Daily Check In June 17, 2021

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Jackielou wrote:
Thu Jun 17, 2021 8:58 am
Good morning fellow frugalites,

This morning is a bit cooler than yesterday morning. I may actually do a short walk before I head out shopping. I did just over 10K steps yesterday morning and will continue to do between 10K and 12K each day. As soon as I started to do 12K to 13K is when my body started to rebel. I may just stick to the 12K as top level for a few months before moving higher.

Today is grocery day and my list is ready to go. There is enough room to add some pantry shopping if I hit a really good sale. I also got our yearly rebate from the co-op and will use that to purchase my groceries (it is fairly large so should help pay quite a bit of the costs. I really like our co-op while things are slightly more expensive they make up for that with their rebates, community involvement, and exceptionally friendly service.

There are a few household chores to do as well and since I did not water or deadhead my plants I will need to do so today. Hubby will probably want to water his veggie garden as well.

Then I get to work on my projects. I may leave the cross stitch for a bit and do some sewing. Get some of those projects up off the floor and done. I should be able to get at least one almost done today, and perhaps start on the quilt top blocks. I do need to cut some solid scraps for contrast though first. So perhaps summer top sewing and cutting scraps today.

Jackie, how long does it take you to walk 10k versus 12-13k steps? I am trying to gage how much time it takes. I usually walk but since I have been doing classes (well, except this week after that cycling class did me in-lol!). I crossed out cycling classes from my schedule-not doing that one anytime soon!

Also what does deadhead mean?

Other frugal happenings will be the continuing use it up mode of absolutely everything that I can. My grocery bills are staying relatively low because of this, and the sale replacement of items I really need keeps me on top of things. Now if I could only find an extremely good sale on meat I would be happy. I have found the sale prices now to reflect the regular price from last year.

In another effort to keep the grocery costs lower I am trying more vegetarian meals. Today I am giving a vegan curry a chance. Hope Hubby likes it or I could have a problem.

So tonight's meal is going to be something very new to both of us but hopefully vegan three bean chili tastes awesome. Serving it over rice.

Today I am grateful for the neighbour I have had for the last 35 years. I could not have asked for a better one, we will miss her when she moves in a week. I do know who is moving in next door so that is something. The young woman was one of my kids at one of the schools I worked at, and we know her Mom and Dad.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In June 17, 2021

Post by frugalmom »

Allie-hope Teddi will be okay! Will pray for him and you take it easy too! That is terrible about the salad-eeeww! My son recently bought a Burger King chicken spicy sandwich that is their latest offering. I like hot stuff, but I took one bite and almost choked on the spiciness-I was coughing so badly! That was HOTTTTT!

Jackie, will pray your brother-in- law finds a job and won't go into a depression! It is a worrisome age bc lot of employers won't hire people in their 50s even though they have more experience-think my brother in law was telling me it is bc older folk are more expensive to cover in healthcare coverage I guess and benefits. Idk if that is the case, but I had a hard time finding a job and even out of my field and a lower position! Then they tell me why am I going for a lower position!? Because I couldn't find a higher one in my field!? :shock: Of course, now with Covid they want me-sheesh-cannot take that chance due to my health and dh's health!

It is kind of nice all the kids are gone-one is in LA and one went back to her university town for a bit. I do not really have to clean-it is such a breeze when it is cooking and cleaning for just two of us! Of course, my dd came home now and right away everything is on the floor! She is a messy one-my teen son is much cleaner and cleans up after himself, except for towels! For some reason, he collects all the towels and have like ten towels hanging there-what is with him and towels!? Idk....

For breakfast, I made a scrambled Greek egg with feta cheese and slightly fried potato wedges(free) and cherry tomatoes (free)from our garden with minced green onion (free HUGE long ones from gm's garden). I am going to have to figure what to make with all of those green onions! Maybe a stirfry with beef and oyster sauce-maybe add bamboo shoots too. For lunch,I used up the broccoli left and sliced &#@! mushrooms with chicken and oyster sauce and soy sauce slurry/sauce. Over rice and with some kim chee, I did not eat dinner, but gave dh eggplant leftovers from yesterday.

BTW, I just had my security pop up and block a trojan horse attack I guess. But I was only typing this post and didn't go anywhere else!? Maybe I clicked accidentally on one of these ads or something bc as I type sometimes ads block what I am typing, but Idk if it is from that? Does trojans just pop up and attack without you clicklng anything!?

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