Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

Post by floridacatlover »

I am not a cook and also I’m a grazer.

Breakfast is almost always cereal and soy milk. In winter it is typically oatmeal. Right now it is All Bran.

Lunch is mostly a big salad, mostly from the chopped, bagged salad mixes either Asian or Chipotle mostly. Or maybe a grilled cheese sandwich. Then I have an apple or raisins or fruit cup mid-afternoon.

Dinner is almost always chicken or fish, baked, and frozen vegetables. I am not a big potato person even though I am a carb lover. We rarely had dessert growing up but if I have frozen yogurt on hand I can’t stay away from it. I’m not much for cakes or cookies. Sometimes, however, I’ll just have eggs and toast for dinner.

I wish in a way I was a better cook but I’m not willing to put in the time just for me.

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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

Post by MackerelCat »

We don't regularly have desserts any more, not since DH was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. We keep a package of fig newtons in the cupboard because they have fiber and some minerals in them, plus no one ever overeats on them.

Shelia, there are a lot of nights that peanut butter and raisins on whole wheat toast and a cup of decaff tea are all I want for supper, and DH doesn't mind because he ate some nuts, a slice of cheese and a peach for his meal. It cuts way down on the dishwashing too. :-D

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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

Post by itspennyc »

I cook for one, but I do frequently cook a dinner and freeze the leftovers for future meals.

I plan on making a meat load in the next few days. I will slice and place all but two slices in the freezer. I will have a vegetable or two with it. I buy frozen vegetables. I cook one portion at a time. Each portion is usually about 1 and a half servings.

For breakfast it is usually oatmeal with blueberries, and a cup of decaf coffee with 2% vanilla milk as the creamer. I also do make oatmeal blueberry muffins if I have those for breakfast I have 2 with a small glass of milk.

Supper is sometimes eggs, with a fruit, sometimes I will add toast. Other times i will just have a bowl of cereal.

If I make spaghetti sauce I freeze it on one meal size portions.

This past week when I went grocery shopping I bought a steak and got 2 meals from it. I had it with an ear of fresh corn on the cob. Sometimes i will have a salad of broccoli slaw with dressing, or H-E-B's power slaw. Just different Julienne style vegetables. I find I don't uses salad greens up fast enough so I rarely buy them.


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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

Post by Quilter51 »

I like variety..I don't like the same thing for multiple days. So when I cook I freeze. Also I keep ready side dishes on hand like deli potatoes mashed and instant rice packages and rolls along with various forms of fruit and veg. I also use frozen family sized casserolessince I hate to cook. This weekend I made pot roast and BBQ country ribs in the slow cooker and I also have frozen beef roast and chicken pot pie and baked lasagna to alternate out. I'm a sandwich and soup or hot dog for lunch type.

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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

Post by LogicsHere »

My eating habits have changed since the pandemic hit as well as now that I've started my weightloss program again.

I eat 2 meals a day. Lunch I alternate between a salad and a sandwich. With the salad I have a hard boiled egg, with the sandwich I add a piece of fruit.

Unless I've counted my points to allow for high calorie foods, like pizza, spaghetti, I usually have a piece of meat (can be pork chop, chicken, 1 hotdog, hamburger or sausage) with a small potato, serving of noodles or rice with a vegetable. Since going back on WW, I am substituting with 2 slow burning carb veggies and adding the starch (potato or rice) only once or twice a month. I have been sticking with fruits for snacks and desserts and I have especially come to like a serving of fruit in a small dish of plain low-fat yogurt.

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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

Post by gaylejackson2 »

If it was just me, I'd eat the same thing for days.

However, with my family I do tend to cook a main dish, sometimes a veggie side, and also have a salad. We usually only have desserts on Sundays--a cake with home-canned fruit or ice cream is normal.

This summer we are having more simple meals, although I do try to make sure that there is always raw veggies of some sort.

I have done several "make your own" salad-type meals and Dh really likes those. I also like them because there is less cooking involved, and everyone can tailor their salad to their own tastes. :)

I keep a variety of fresh fruit on the counter, and my children snack on those during the day. Lol, often baby carrots, or a large sliced apple, and peanut butter are all I (and dd8) will eat for lunch.

I keep a good supply of bread r bagels and my children make sandwiches or toast for lunch or snacks.

Almost everyone eats cold cereal for breakfast, but I keep oatmeal packets in pantry too.

I like to eat eggs, avocados & salsa, with a very small portion of cereal & almond milk for my breakfast. I have found that if I don't eat a good form of protein in mornings, then I don't feel well for rest of the day. For lunch I'll either eat leftovers or a bagel sandwich, and then dinner with the family.
I was just thinking that I would like to add more fish to our menus. I have been noticing there is a goodly variety of frozen plain fish filets on sale, at both stores I frequent, and fish would give us a nice change from our beef/pork/chicken meals.

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