Check-In Monday, Aug. 2, 2021

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Check-In Monday, Aug. 2, 2021

Post by floridacatlover »

Just starting us off.

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Re: Check-In Monday, Aug. 2, 2021

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello friends.

Mackie, sorry to hear about HB and I prayed for him last night.

I’m home from Publix. Hopefully this will last me the week. Monday mornings are very uncrowded. All Publix employees wore masks - as required. Of the handful of shoppers in the store, I’d say one-half to two-thirds wore masks.

Yesterday morning I found ants in Pippi’s food bowl. It was the “no see them” ants. I’ve never had ants but mom had them in both the kitchen and bathroom from time to time. So now I’m not letting anything sit in Pippi’s bowl. If she leaves some food, I put it in an empty can with lid in the refrigerator and wash the bowl. Also I’ve moved where she eats and am cleaning the floor good. She is a messy eater. So far, so good. I know one option is to put her bowl in a plate of water but I want to avoid that if possible.

I’ll go to mom’s house at some point today. I must agree with Clem about summer. Here, and probably in Texas, there is no relief from the heat. No cool nights. Day after day of hot weather and high humidity. The worst thing is that our weather will not change until mid-October.

Have a good day.

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Re: Check-In Monday, Aug. 2, 2021

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Good morning everyone. It is a lovely (68 F) (20. C) and only going to go up to around (78 F) (25.55 C)The rest of the week looks somewhat the same. Love it! Wish it would stay like this. However it is August in the Midwest.

Not much going on here. I will try to achieve my goal of working outside for 10 min twice daily.

Need to shake Teddi out of the sheets. He is still sleeping in my bed.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Check-In Monday, Aug. 2, 2021

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

The sun is shining and while my phone said the temperature here was a lovely and cool 11 C the radio wave thermometer sitting on my desk says it is 17 C. Now which one would you believe?

Another hot day headed my way, and it seems like I fill the water in the bird watering thingy every day. Poor things perch and look for water constantly. I will do that after I finish here.

My long day of household chores, but as I forgot my pill yesterday and took it this morning I managed to get a few small chores started before I had my first cup of coffee and my visit with all of you. Still lots to do however, but thankfully most are 15 minute chores and I can move on to the next. When I start washing walls that will be a different story altogether.

Frugally it will be another no spend day, laundry all done in the most frugal way possible and all loads hung out to dry. As is usual meals will be made here at home using what is on hand. Our date night last month was a stop at a drive through at lunch when we got our eyes checked, and I have a feeling that date night this month could be a movie and possibly pop corn. Saving so we can do a bit bigger spend on our holiday trip next month, or this month on our stock up shop.

I keep forgetting to pick up some spray bottles to make my own cleaners. I have added them to the bottom of the page in my daily diary on the day I make up my shopping list. Hopefully that makes me remember, but it is just one more store to enter during the Covid-19 Delta variant uptick and I just don't know how many people are vaccinated and how many are not and able to spread the virus. Lots of people here are refusing vaccination. Guess one could say that Saskatchewan and Alberta are the provinces with the greatest percentage of people according to population that are refusing.

Cross stitch is put away and I will be pulling out the t-shirt rug to work on for this week. I am hoping to get quite a bit done, though I think eventually I will need to cut up some of the saved scraps of t-shirt fabric to make more strips.

Supper tonight will be some leftover pork or beef from the freezer and I plan on making a stir fry. That will use up some carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower. I may even add a can of mushrooms near the end.

Today I am grateful for clear skies so far. The last few have been very hazy...Oops spoke to soon, glanced out the window and the daily smoke haze has arrived.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Check-In Monday, Aug. 2, 2021

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

I feel like a prisoner in my own home, they are resurfacing my road and I can see that is a mess out they are supposedly working on my landline. I received a text from the company but haven't seen anyone yet they may be at the substation.
I have a wire hanging from the demark box on my house so they will have to come here at some point :roll: They will hopefully figure it out....
I am anxious because today is the day prego goes to the hospital to be induced. It won't happen until late afternoon...I may have a new grand by this evening. I can't wait!

I am hoping to be able to go to my camper this weekend, it is the weekend that the brother has a 3 day reunion back at his house and I do not want to be here.
I can't hang laundry out today, road work smells and wet laundry are not a good mix for me.
Off to get my day started.


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Re: Check-In Monday, Aug. 2, 2021

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A quiet morning, I have a towel was in the washer. The white wash is in the dryer. I did a mask wash of sone new masks I sewed last night.

I want a fresh mask for every time I need to leave my apartment.

I fixed a friends mask yesterday and a second this morning. All that one needed was undoing the knots and tying new square knots.

Now I am trying to decide what to make with 2 different cute fat Quarters.


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