Daily Check In 9/6/2015

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Daily Check In 9/6/2015

Post by jackie26us »

Good Morning,

Up early as usual for work. Starting to get tired though. I went to bed early last night--8 pm. Man I slept hard and it felt so good. At least we're making good progress at work. We're only 10 days behind and not 35 like before.

Not too much else happening. DH got me from a yard sale an old jewelry box that has a mirror and drawers--looks like mini (counter top dresser). He refinishes it since it was all beat up and put knew door knobs on it and it looks so nice. It sits on the counter top and holds all my hair stuff and makeup. That was my birthday present. It was an awesome idea.

I found out after we get caught up at work I'm going to start being the receptionist at work. I'll still do what I do now but only for urgent requests for records--like they are in the ER and need the info now. I already answer phones because the receptionist now can't keep up and sometimes just won't answer them. At least I get a better desk :D We do get walk ins--not lot though. So mainly answering the phones and the fax requests then helping the few walk ins. Plus the phones will ease up when we get caught up.

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Re: Daily Check In 9/6/2015

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

Up fairly early today which is wonderful, I thought I would get some peace and quiet in my morning, but instead spent the last 20 minutes getting rid of spam and spammers. We were loaded down early this morning (like just before I got on to the forum). Managed to clear it all up (well at least for now) and can visit with all of you for awhile.

The rain stopped late yesterday afternoon and once it did we had gotten 6 inches over the 15 hours. Lots of puddles and a bit of flooding in low lying areas. Today so far seems to be holding off on the rain, while it is cloudy the sun is trying to break through and there is a very slight breeze. Cool though, and that should make Mass a bit more enjoyable.

I was so tired after baking 18 dozen cookies yesterday that I decided to leave the eggplant until today. I will be processing the eggplant and baking bread today after Mass. I should be able to get it all done in no time flat.

I did get a better sleep this time, however something keeps waking me up at around 3 in the morning. I can't figure it out as I listen and don't hear a thing either in the house or outside.

Frugality speaking today the only driving I will be doing is to the church and home. I plan on getting some more herbs dried today, and maybe even picking a few more tomatoes. Food processing will continue as long as possible until we leave on holidays. I am really hoping that we don't have any frost until we get back.

I had made my Christmas list a few weeks ago, and as I wrapped myself in my small quilt started thinking that this could be a better gift for the DS's. They are very quick to make and I have lots of scrap material and such to use up. I would only have to buy the center layer. Changing one of their gifts to lap quilts. All in the spirit of using things up.

Supper tonight is going to be ribs. Along with the ribs I plan on making potatoes, salad, and perhaps we will have corn on the cob. Hubby and DS will be busy watching a football game so this will be easy for me to fix and them to disappear with.

Today I am grateful that I won't have to water the garden or flowers for a couple of days.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In 9/6/2015

Post by 11cats2beagles »

Good Morning All,

Jackie...spammers are awful - thanks for making them go away!!

Slow morning here - I need to get busy and finish a few things around the house but for now enjoying coffee and the happy sounds of the little guy playing in the bathtub. Some matchbox cars, bathtub paint and a bottle of bubbles and he's happy for an hour or so.

We will go camping - just overnight - and stay for picnic tomorrow - as soon as S.O. gets home from work around 3:00. I vaguely remember him getting up and kissing me goodbye at 4:00 a.m. I slept till 7:00...very late for me.

Off to get some eggs boiling - deviled eggs for our "dish-to-pass" at the camp picnic.

Take care everyone!

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Re: Daily Check In 9/6/2015

Post by dlrcpa »

Good morning. Jackie26: glad you are getting caught up. Jackie: hope you you get some rest today. 6 inches of rain is scary! Sheila: have a good camping trip, weather here in VA is pretty nice, 65 degrees this morning around sunrise. I need to continue watering the yard. Should work on some sewing in between moving the hose around.

Bought just a few things at the grocery and CVS this morning, $20 total so keeping spending in check. Paid the gas utility bill.

Dinner is hot dog for me, maybe DH will want hamburger instead. Potato salad, corn on the cob. I bought canned clams at CVS and discovered I now have 11 cans. Dinner one night needs to be pasta w/ clam sauce I think.

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Re: Daily Check In 9/6/2015

Post by chocolite »

Morning, all. I was awake very early this morning and never did really get back to sleep. Ugh. Oh well, at least I am off tomorrow, so maybe I can catch up a bit tonight. I don't do well with naps, in general. I sleep too long and too hard, which messes up that night.

Jackie, hearing about your cookies makes me think about baking some. Maybe oatmeal raisin,,,I've got a great recipe. They would be nice to have when DS comes tomorrow. And 11cats, your deviled eggs sound tempting as well, lol. Maybe I'll whip up some of those too. We love them, and they're great with a sandwich packed for lunch.

I'm finishing up the last couple loads of laundry, before it gets hot. Yesterday, the dryer just seemed to add to heat of the house, and that is not going to happen today. Summer is letting us know she is not down for the count...not around here, anyway.

I will also finish up my housecleaning today - need to vacuum the wood floors in the kitchen and dining room, than wet clean the kitchen floors. Then, I'll call that done for the weekend.

Next weekend we are off for our annual beach trip. We're pretty excited. We're driving this year instead of flying - taking my new (to me) car, since it's very comfortable on the road and will hold everything we want to take. When we drive, we end up taking so much more - pool floats, grocery items, etc. We found a new and lovely person to housesit/petsit for us, and I have high hopes that Chance and Hobbes will love her.

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Re: Daily Check In 9/6/2015

Post by itspennyc »

I woke up much too early this morning.

My daughter called and we agreed that we would just go pick up the Egg McMuffin meal for me on the way home. I was just too hungry to wait.

I was able to get my sheets. I got three sets. I will only wash one and see how I like them. If I like them I will wash and put the rest away. I wasn’t able to find a pillow that I thought I would like. The one I was thinking about they were out of stock in the size I wanted.

My neighbor’s son is here cleaning her apartment. I gave him the keys and the last of her mail. I am done. I think he is pitching almost everything. That is fine. I know there are people in the building that could use it but I am staying out of it.

I had several things for my daughter I gave her one of the Swiffer handles, and 2 knives. I also had 2 ad’s from today’s paper for her along with her clip that she had used on the bag of the cereal she gave me last week.

I wasn’t happy with the blimp I knit for my son so I pitched it. I will start it again. I thought of gray to make it silver color but to me I am afraid it will look more like a bomb then a blimp. Of course just adding a round or two would take care of that along with the gondola.


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