Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

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Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by mbrudnic »

Good morning frugal friends,
Friday, Payday, yipee! Got a little cash poor this week. Hubby still has gas receipts for the Band Van to turn in. Drives me nuts that he puts it off AND he is quick to whip out the Mastercard to pay for things. Then I struggle to pay off the credit card each month. Oh well, rhythm of our life.

Finally, a work from home day. Although I did run to the grocery for milk. DH drank the last of it Wed and did not tell me. I hinted Wed night that he could have stopped by the grocery and get a gallon since he had a debit card that I keep loaded for $$ for him for things like gas and food between school and activities. But he is a teenager.

I am going to be working this weekend on and off monitoring file copies. I am moving email for 285 accounts.

I woke up to several messages that Facebook friends received an new friend request from me. I did not set up another profile. So first I looked up Facebook help and report a problem. There is a way to report an impostor profile by clicking on the profile picture. So I went looking and saw. The funny think is that they had my full name and then in parenthesis, my first and maiden name - spelled wrong. But then I decided I needed to change my password, so I did that and then went searching for the new profile and was unable to find it. So maybe the new password took care of it.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by LogicsHere »

Wish things would start to slow down a bit. Seems I've been running continuously with no sign of a break.

Today I will be visiting my mother a little earlier as I have to leave around 1:00 and go for the last appointment with the Dept of Labor. Meeting seems ridiculous since I'm at the last two checks this week and next.

In spite of all the benefits of her being there, Mom not doing well in NH environment. She has been acting out (actually slid out of her bed onto the floor pretending to have fallen out of bed), crying and telling everyone that she wants to die and if she could get a pill she'd take it. They are seriously concerned about her as am I. She went off on one of these "sessions" while in a short meeting to discuss her doctor appointments yesterday. They have her talking to a psychologist on a weekly basis and the psychiatrist has again changed the medication she's on for depression.

I'm hoping they can find some kind of a happy medium soon as this is taking a toll on me as well as her.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

Temperature is right at the freezing point, so while the rain puddles will have a slick of ice over top it won't extend through the entire puddle. Could be a breezy walk for me today.

I had lots of trouble falling asleep last night. It must have been after midnight (closer to 1) before I finally dozed off. So I am a bit cranky this morning.

I have the usual Friday household chores to do and I also plan on doing one of the extra cleaning chores I put on this months list. Cleaning the cobwebs out of corners and the roof seems the likely task. I may even give the microwave a bit of a clean when I am doing the dishes.

It will be a frugal day as neither Hubby or I plan on leaving the house for the stores. I did my shopping yesterday and according to Hubby he has seen nothing for sale that he needs. Hubby plans on doing a bit of work outside, a few winterizing plans that he won't tell me about.

Meals will be made with what is on hand. Lunches mostly leftovers from other meals.

I will take my walk this morning for frugal exercise and fresh air. I am going to have to get used to the cold weather so I am glad it is starting slowly.

I finished off the Christmas shopping yesterday. My brothers are big men and so when I see something other then socks in their size I need to grab it. This time I was lucky enough to find some shirts and threw them in the cart. Really lucky as they were on sale and under $20.00 each.

I am up to the armhole on the left sweater front I am knitting. I hope to finish the armhole today and perhaps even get the shoulder shaping started. I have put aside any embroidery work until this is done. Hoping by the end of next week to be done.

I will be hunting out the Christmas cards very shortly. I need to get them sent very soon. I am pretty sure I still have some in my stash, and I got some free in the mail this past week. Free is good.

Supper tonight will be Fish Fillets, fried potatoes, and some beans. The fish fillets Hubby caught, and the veggies were grown in our garden. This is a very frugal meal for us.

Today I am grateful that winter is taking it's time arriving, letting us get used to what is ahead.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by dlrcpa »

Logics, I am sorry your mom is not doing well. I guess this is another sort of illness. So sad.
Jackie, I have been thinking about Christmas cards too. I looked in Michaels this week but did not see any blank holiday note cards, will keep looking.

Today is overcast but warm. Weather lady says we may break the record by reaching 80 degrees today. Rain tonight. I am making a grocery stop after work, then shrimp creole for dinner. I am also getting a pork roast for the crock pot Saturday. Going with some friends to the "antique" mall/stores in Fredericksburg, VA. We went last year and it was a lot of fun. Not all "antique" but some "vintage" things as well. We found interesting and inexpensive jewelry before, previously owned but in very nice condition.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by colonialgirl »

Morning frugals -
Again - what is the benefit of this early morning stuff??? Up early as I am having my neighbors over for lunch today. I should be farther ahead than I am. My table is not even set although the house is clean and ready except for a quick vacuum in the family room and kitchen.

I am making cheese soup and have sandwiches - shaved roast beef or ham with cojack or provolone cheese, soft and hard deli rolls or I have bagels with veggie cream cheese. Hopefully they will like one of those combos for a sandwich. Going to make up some ranch dressing and serve crudite with that as a side for the sandwich. Dessert is going to be my mama's apple crisp served warm with ice cream.

After that is done, I am taking a break for a while. I did start a little clean up in the garage last night. Even if we decide not to buy and move, maybe this will motivate me to get the "hoarder" areas of my house in line.

Have a great day everyone!

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by AnneX »

Good Morning

Sorry about your Mother's state, Logics. I know from experience with my own mother and others in her nursing home that it is very difficult to find effective medication for the elderly brain.

i'm here at the hospital doing my volunteer shift. My partner emailed me 20 minutes after she should have been here to say she wasn't coming. She's a sweet young woman but very unreliable. I have learned to expect her when i see her. Glad i made it on time as my boss appeared a few moments later to show a couple of medical students around.

It was raining this morning but had stopped by the time I came out. It's still very gray but it's not cold. we still have had no frost and none expected for the next couple of weeks.

Shouldn't be much money out today. I have leftover focaccia and salad for lunch and a pork chop for supper. I do need to get some veggies and fresh fruit however, and I will probably buy a coffee here at the hospital.

this afternoon i will finish restocking my bathroom cupboards after our pest control treatment earlier in the week. Then i plan to read and maybe nap.

take care,

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