Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by itspennyc »

Yesterday what looks like mud came up from my kitchen sink. I called the office right away. No one came yesterday. The maintenance man is not due in until 1 pm.

I have been up since 4:30 this morning I couldn’t sleep. I am very tired.

My kitchen sink is still blocked. I found some newspaper and did some cleaning in the sink. I moved my drain strainer and the pipe itself is blocked with what looks like mud.

I went to bed for about an hour. I do feel better, but still very tired.

Several months ago, a few people have put out the hospital basins on the “give away” table, I rescued a couple. I use them to hold projects temporarily. Since they nest they don’t take up much space. I put them on my shower stool to raise them up some and used them to wash dishes clean enough to put into my dishwasher. Of course I can’t set it off even though it is full. I also had to wash the counter as there were ants all over it. I have no idea where they are coming in. Nothing gets rid of them.

Before 1 pm this afternoon I will empty under my sinks. So if the maintenance man needs to get under there he can right away.


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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

I am waiting for a guy who will pressure clean my carport and sidewalk. I may or may not have him do my patio. A few days ago my neighbor knocked on my door and said this guy was going to clean her carport/sidewalk and asked if I would like to have mine done. Yes! He has done work for our association before from what she said. He gave me a very good price but I'm not sure if he saw that my carport is much dirtier than my neighbor's because of the way the drain spouts pour out the water. So I may give him a good tip.

I also have been thinking about Christmas cards. When I bought stamps at Publix the other day they gave me Christmas stamps so I bought another book to save a trip to the P.O. I think I have enough cards. I gave a donation to the National Wildlife Federation back when the BP oil spill happened and each year they send me cards trying to get me to rejoin.

A few days ago I received a $10/$10 from JC Penney. After deciding there is nothing I need and don't want to make a trip to that store, this morning I taped the coupons and a note to our bank of mailboxes in hopes that someone can use the coupon. I have put coupons there a few other times and they always disappear.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by Jenny »

Good morning! I've gotten about a third of the morning homekeeping completed but still plenty to do. My extra projects for the day include making another batch of HM laundry powder and finishing up and sending a resume and cover letter for a part-time work-from-home job. I will see what needs to be used up out of the fridge before making the supper menu plan.

I made my first batch of blackberry jam yesterday, and it turned out beautifully! DH has instructions to pick up another set of jelly jars along with the food mill the farm store is holding for me. At least the next set I can get more seeds out. Those I plan to give as Christmas gifts along with loaves of HM bread.

Our auto parts came in the mail so DH will be working on our 2 vehicles which have been out of service this week. Fortunately we live next door to DH's parents, and they have been gracious in letting us borrow their vehicles as we've needed them.

The sun is beautiful today after a very wet and gloomy day yesterday. I will walk up to the bus stop this afternoon to meet DD, and that will be my exercise for today. Hoping DH gets home from work before dark, as Petunia the Pig's pen is nothing but water puddles and mud from the hard rain we had for hours yesterday. Even her dry bed spot is standing water. Hopefully we can get her rearranged so she has a dry spot to sleep tonight.

I hope everyone has a productive and/or restful day, whichever is needed more!

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by MackerelCat »

Logics, I'm sorry your mom is having such problems. {{{hugs}}}

Jackie, I am just in awe of how you manage to get all your Christmas stuff done so early.

Maggie, back when my DS was a teen and drinking more milk than a suckling calf, I used to buy two gallons of milk and tell him, "This has to last X number of days. If you drink it all, I won't be buying any more until the next shopping trip." I keep powdered milk on hand for cooking, so I could make good on that threat. It only took a couple of incidents of going four or five days without milk to drink to get the message across.

Today I have been doing some serious house cleaning. Our old cat has taken to urinating over the side of the litter box, so I had to buy two jumbo-size high-backed boxes, an extra-large waterproof rubber mat, and a big bottle of Nature's Miracle cleaner.

This morning I took the laundry room apart and cleaned everywhere he might have tinkled, then set up the new boxes facing each other so it's going to be nearly impossible for him to "go overboard." I thought the cats might need some time to get used to the new set up, but they practically ran over each other hurrying to check out the new bathroom. :-D

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by Dgflorida »

Afternoon frugals,

I went grocery shopping today. Got eggs on sale and a good price on whole beef roast. It will have be cut and frozen. Tonight, we will try a simple eggplant recipe. Hubs may or not like it. Eggs dishes will be on the menu for the weekend. We have really gone through the Swiss cheese. I haven't frozen any yet. Tonight we will use it on the eggplant and tomorrow on the eggs. See if any is left. Freeze some just to see if it works.

I also went out looking at replacement windows, doors. I was disappointed in the selection. I also looked online. The best windows I ever had were by a general contractor. I paid a bit, but they were great. I didn't like the sliding doors either. Need to think on it before I get a contractor.

I should go out and do some more yard work, but it is so hot. 90's again. Well, do a little until I am tired.

Have a great rest of the day, frugals.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 6, 2015

Post by ChristmasTrees »

LogicsHere wrote:Wish things would start to slow down a bit. Seems I've been running continuously with no sign of a break.

Today I will be visiting my mother a little earlier as I have to leave around 1:00 and go for the last appointment with the Dept of Labor. Meeting seems ridiculous since I'm at the last two checks this week and next.

In spite of all the benefits of her being there, Mom not doing well in NH environment. She has been acting out (actually slid out of her bed onto the floor pretending to have fallen out of bed), crying and telling everyone that she wants to die and if she could get a pill she'd take it. They are seriously concerned about her as am I. She went off on one of these "sessions" while in a short meeting to discuss her doctor appointments yesterday. They have her talking to a psychologist on a weekly basis and the psychiatrist has again changed the medication she's on for depression.

I'm hoping they can find some kind of a happy medium soon as this is taking a toll on me as well as her.
Logics~ What a rough road. Hopefully things will settle into place soon.

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