daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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Dgflorida wrote:This will be a difficult day to diet.
Turkey soup with the meat, broth and just veggies and herbs is wonderfully low-cal, though, so you will have the makings of some good diet soups.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. frugal friends! We are going to our SIL's house, so my cooking for the covered dish meal there was done yesterday afternoon. Her brother cannot eat wheat, so I made an apple crisp and replaced the wheat flour with oat flour made by pulverizing oatmeal in the blender, plus a batch of no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies and a cheesy corn-jalapeno pudding made with cornmeal and a little cornstarch. I'm not sure about the last one as it's the first time I've made it.

The only thing I had to buy to make those goodies was a bag of apples, which were 2.99 at Aldi. Everything else we had in the pantry.

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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Happy thanksgiving, American friends.


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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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Good Morning,

Happy Thanksgiving Day and what a beautiful day it looks like it's going to be here. My sister and her husband are in Jerusalem today on their trip and she sent me a message on FB this morning, then my DB called. So it's been a perfect day for me so far.

DD and her family will be arriving around 2:30 for Thanksgiving Dinner. I have the rolls rising, will put the sweet potatoes into the oven around 1:00. We aren't doing any type of casserole with sweet potatoes this year, just baking as DD and DSIL are dieting and these will be delicious and lower in calories.

Everything else is done, wood in the fireplace is ready to start the fire, table is set, I made the pies yesterday and the chicken and dressing needs about an hour to bake, then I will make gravy. I'm always afraid that everything want work out to get on the serving cart at the same time, nice and hot, but is seems it always does.

I've told ya'll before about the good friends of mine that have wanted to fix me up with a friend of theirs on a blind date. He and I have been talking on the phone and texting the last month and he is coming to town on Sunday for business and we are going to have lunch. I have been reluctant to meet him as he is younger than I am, but he's finally convinced me that age is irrelevant when you get to be 60 and 70. He seems sweet, kind and considerate so we will see how it goes. He was divorced in 89 and I am concerned why he didn't marry again. Maybe, it was just a really bad divorce. Haven't had a blind date since I was 16 so I am kinda excited about it.

Everyone have a wonderful day and don't eat to much.

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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The boys had to go out at 5, so I decided to go ahead and start cooking!

Everything was done by 10. I'm not even hungry. It will just sit there and we will pick at it. The COD is still in bed anyway.

I am getting ready to go pick up my sister and visit mom. Might go to the store to buy pet food. It will be open until 2.

Weather is overcast and warmish. I was sweating up a storm in the kitchen. It would have been nice if it had been a cold day.

Well, hope all have a great day.

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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LogicsHere ~

You wrote: Was disappointed somewhat as my mother took only about 2 bites of everything . . . still in rebellious stage

Yes! That's how My MamaDear was and is! Not so much REBELLIOUS but to TELL me she IS STILL IN CONTROL! After all these years, she refuses to eat, if I am around/near!

You wrote: her very vocal racial slurs. This is a side I never saw of my mother

Well, you never saw it because it was NEVER THERE! From "facility" experience ~ "residents" emulated each other! Yep! They do copy each other ~ it's not her fault!

You wote: The nurse gave me a few things to think about to give a try . . . she said that outside of the effect of the antidepressant she's on and distracting her when she gets into these moods, there isn't much anything else that can be done

How about taking your Mother OFF everything except vital medications, memory medications (that I hope she is taking) ~ giving her "system" time to get out the "negatives"; i.e. any mental/emotional stuff!

You wrote: Signed up to join her for the Thanksgiving meal today . . . not that I expect she's going to eat anything.

Yes~! I did that for the FIRST 4 years or more! NOT UNpleasant, but "we" really couldn't eat, 'cause MyMamaDear would not eat at all ~ UNLESS, I left the table! No joke!

You wrote: Was thinking if I brought in two color by number kits, she might work on one set along with me.

Do NOT count on it! Anything enjoyable, is put aside and out of the way ~ if I'm around! I cramp My MamaDear's style! So since I've discovered THIS, she has enjoyed parties, Easter Egg hunts with a nearby nursery school, Halloween parades, anything that involves OTHERS and her ~ I can't enjoy, 'cause she'll want and demand OUT of the pleasant experience! If I'm not there ~ her world is perfect!

All I can write is: Follow her lead ~ put yourself on a back burner! Let her be the BOSS!

BUT, My MamaDear is in BLISS, when it is just My Honey and Me and she gives us her full attention! MOST TIMES THOUGH, since My Honey is with me ~ she ignores me completely! When he is off to get her a sweater (or whatever) and I'm the only one there ~ she wants: Love, Hugs and Kisses!! ~ So I know she knows, regardless, I'm always THERE, no matter how many times she ignores me ~ her heart does NOT!

Good Luck!

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Re: daily Check in Nov 26, 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for all of you....:)

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