2015 a really bad year for my family

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Re: 2015 a really bad year for my family

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I'm sorry things have been so rough. Take care of yourself.


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Re: 2015 a really bad year for my family

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I am so sorry Logics, These are definitely tough times for you. I have an aunt and uncle that had a similar year with his Sister dying suddenly early in the year. and then losing their daughter this summer - my cousin who had the multiple organ transplant and I made the quilt for. We are here to encourage you.

May 2016 bring you happier days.

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Re: 2015 a really bad year for my family

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I hope that next year is a better one for you and your family.

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Re: 2015 a really bad year for my family

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Logics, I hope that 2016 will be a better year for you and your family.

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Re: 2015 a really bad year for my family

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Life is so hard sometimes. I hope your hard times are at an end. You deserve some peace.

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Re: 2015 a really bad year for my family

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LogicsHere wrote:I don't know what 2016 holds for my family, but I can tell you 2015 was really a downer.

It started out with a horrible winter, losing two tendons in my left shoulder, losing my job and having to put my mom in the NH. It's ending with the news that my brother in law ended up in the hospital Monday night and despite receiving initially not so bad news, yesterday was told that his heart is working only at about 25% and the treatment will depend on what they discover after additional testing of the arteries which could be putting him on a Pacemaker, to an angioplasty(sp?) to open heart surgery again.

My sister had finally found a P/T job to ease the stress of their the bills; they were planning on moving to a smaller, lower rent apartment when their lease ran out at the end of March, her car is almost paid for and now this. They can make it through financially if having to face one of the first two options; but another open heart surgery I'm not sure. She will most likely have to start drawing from the small annuity they started when they had hit the lottery when they first moved to Florida. While not a big one, it could get them through if her husband can't go back to work for a while and even at best it would be for less hours at extremely light duties.

We're trying to remain optimistic that whatever the outcome that he will be OK.

The only one good thing is that my mother after months of rebellion seems to finally be adjusting to the NH . . . not that she's happy being there, but her "eating strike" seems to be over; the acting out tossing things on the floor and raging tirades of profanity at the aides also appear to have ended. She still talks about not wanting to live any more, but it's no longer a daily event but more of a "casual" comment once or twice a week. The medication she's on now seems to have helped a great deal.
I was wondering about you since we haven't heard from you and I was getting worried! As you know I have had years like this when it rains it pours kind of years I call them and some people tell me that this is called life. I guess but sometimes I think if the powers may be,if they could just spread it out a little bit and not let it come all at once! Some of these mantras helped me through- "And this too shall pass..."(which it always does...eventually...and you are thinking you wish it went more quickly!) then another mantra "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,it's about learning to dance in the rain..." So I hope these will get you through these difficult times and help you stay strong even though you may sometimes feel you are a strong person but events like this and non -stop, well you feel can finally break you!

But over the years that I have known you, I always looked up to you logics with your no nonsense advice and it is ok to feel this way(like you can't take it anymore),but I know and you know you can gather your strength and you are not going to let all of this break you! In fact, you are going to be strong enough and beat this-you are a tough cookie! We are here for you and (((hugs to you))) we will support you and hold you up if we have to,but we are beside you in spirit and also praying for you too! Aso sometimes with all of these bad things happening we tend to forget to count our blessings as well. Like when my 12 bad events happened in a row,til the one two days before Christmas when two doctors called me to tell me my son has a malignant lung tumor-well all those bad events just flew out the window and it kind of prioritized to this one main event being the worst and I have to get through this one. And when you examined each one, you realize well usually the outcome was not so bad or basically survived(well one died in our family but he lived a good life and was in his 80s) and even that lung tumor ended up being ok(encapsulated old infection after lung biopsy just a round the time I had my own knee surgery and my daughter the day after I had surgery comes home with lice from school-eeeewww-had to get up the very next day after surgery to clean and disinfect everything-that was my physical therapy and got me off pain meds bc I did not have time so only had one pain pill the night of surgery-yuck-we look back on it and now laugh!). So I hope everything works out and I will pray for you and your family that the next year will be MUCH better and a calm one! We all need a breather! I also like the saying when it gets to hard to stand,get down on your knees and kneel(something like that)-it reminds me to pray in good times and in bad times-it gives me peace at least. Sometimes I tell God,God I am not as strong as you think...stop testing ME!!! But again, we are there for you...to cheer you up,to give you a shoulder to cry on or lean on,an ear to listen and you know us here we will always give you our advice whether you like it or not-lol-but we are friends(can't get rid of us!)!!! ;)

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