Cloth Diapers

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Re: Cloth Diapers

Post by Dgflorida »

I used cloth diapers on my 3 children and it was educational. Two things I felt good about cloth. One, they were soft and I wanted that for them. Two, it made me more aware of their bm. As a result, I knew when something wasn't right. I know that sounds unpleasant, but I knew I was always on top of how they were feeling. I did use paper now and then under certain circumstances, but I am glad I decided on cloth.

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Re: Cloth Diapers

Post by snowangel729 »

Thank you ladies for answering my questions, currently I have been saving up some gift cards from my survey sites to save on getting some cloth diapers. I think I will cloth diaper and see how it goes if all else fails I will switch back to disposables but I am thinking since I am a stay at home mom I can handle it.

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Re: Cloth Diapers

Post by mbrudnic »

Congratulations on the little boy!

I wanted to look into Cloth Diapers (my boys are now 20 & 16) but Hubby downright refused to consider cloth. His parents would leave his sister's diapers soaking int he toilet and he got in trouble way too many times for flushing them down. Also, mine were in a daycare setting. We did not have an issue with disposables being a problem with the skin.

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Re: Cloth Diapers

Post by ChopinLover »

I know I'm late to the discussion, but I used cloth diapers for most of our 3 kids diapering needs. I started out using a diaper service for the first few months with my firstborn. Then I ordered some flannel handmade ones and WOW, what a difference! After that, my mom whipped some flannel/french terrycloth ones up on her machines after seeing what I had mail ordered, also she made doublers as well. The diaper service sold really great covers, very high quality. I found lots of great almost new/new covers at yard sales, thrift stores. I just passed em down.
Having said that, I did use some disposables for when they were sleeping thru the night, and pull ups for potty training. It's not true that they will potty train faster, mine didn't, I had to coerce all three into training. They were just plain lazy, imho.
Cleaning them was not hard with using liners to catch the poo, drop in a bucket out in the garage, then do an overnight soak in the machine with HOT water, lots of soap, and an enzyme powder that I bought from Amway. It's the only product I bothered getting from Amway that was truly worth the $$. I also used a toploading machine wherein I could choose enough water to cover the load. I would always double rinse. My fav soap was Arm and Hammer Unscented. I could NOT use Oxyclean--kids would break out in fierce rashes if I used it. The Amway product gave the extra boost, rinsed clean and left no residue.

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Re: Cloth Diapers

Post by Jackielou »

Chopinlover, my mom also made the diapers for my three. Nothing beat those for softness and absorbancy.

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Re: Cloth Diapers

Post by Heloise »

Used cloth diapers and rubber pants for all three of my children (1980's), and one step child (early 90's). Saved an astronomical amount of money cloth diapering, and loved always having a clean fresh supply of diapers on hand around the clock. Never any worries over running out, and no emergency runs to the store for Pampers!

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