Five Frugal Things January 2016

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Re: Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by rinty »

jckitty wrote:1. have souped, stewed and casseroled all leftovers so NO waste.
2. all laundry cold water washed, racked to dry
3.trimmed my own bangs
4. had to get anew battery for the SUV but used a courtesy card and got money back, plus free change out and install.
5. made cleaning clothes from some of the fiancés jersey long sleeve shirts he welds so gets holes in the fronts but the backs are great.
bonus round.......baking bread, muffins and such. Oven adds heat to the house

Jc Kitty, your " bonus round " cracked me up !

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Re: Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by Shelsmiles »

1. Had leftover chicken carcass but no time to deal with it as I was going to be out of town. Rather than toss it out for the cats I froze it. When I got home I tossed it in the soup pot and made chicken stock.

2. went through my DD's room before her birthday and decided her request for new clothes is perfectly freaking ridiculous. Boxed up approximately 20 outfits that she can either rediiscover and wear or sell or consign for clothing money

3.Turmed in receipts for booster club so I actually get reimbursed rather than just paying for the wrestlers' food

4. Taught my kids how well I am able to employ the word NO when they are asking for over priced stuff because their friends have it

5. Put an extra blanket on each of the beds so the heat can be down one more

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Re: Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by LWolfT »

Shel ... we routinely freeze our chicken carcasses until we have time to make broth. Works out well.

1) Taking advantage of all the freebies right now. Two of the supermarkets here are trying to outdo each other in offering free stuff via coupons loaded to the loyalty card. Some of it is for snacky type stuff (which works for lunchboxes) ... other stuff is quite useful, soup, salad, etc.

2) Used a coupon code to get an extra 10 percent off Senior Gal's meds.

3) More mending ... trying to get clothes back into circulation. Also gives me an idea of what will need to be replaced at some point.

4) Our habit of saving usable cords paid off. The new printer has an USB connection, but no USB cord was included. (The instructions pretty much told you to buy your own.) Fortunately, I saved the one from the dead printer, so we're in business.

5) Our health insurance glitch prompted DH to review that particular deduction on his check. Turns out payroll deducted nearly $100 too much for premiums. Fortunately it was the first check of the year, so things will get corrected quickly.

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Re: Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by dlrcpa »

1. Managed to work nearly normal hours despite snow so paycheck should be close to normal.
2. Not able to visit DF due to snow and having a head cold, saved 1 tank of gas.
3. Baked bread in the machine, made cornbread.
4. Pot of split pea soup and a ham-cheese-noodle casserole with ham from freezer
5. Completed surveys

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