Daily Check In January 10, 2016

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by AuntBridget »

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Jackie !

Good Afternoon to all !

Am sitting here at the kitchen table helping Peter with his homework....it is mostly just trying to keep him focused. He doesn't have that much, but it takes him much longer than most, because his attention span is so short.

Has been a productive day here so far, considering I didn't want to get out of bed. I made a shipwreck for breakfast. While that was cooking, I got 4 chicken backs into the crockpot, with celery, carrot, onion and seasonings to make some chicken stock. Will save some of it out to make Chicken and Noodles this coming week...And rest will go into freezer.

Then since I had my cutting board and knives out, I made some fresh pico de gallo. And cut up some carrots, peppers and onions to use tonight for dinner. I am making some orange chicken using a recipe I have seen going around on FB.

I have been working on laundry all day. Have a load in the dryer, one in the washer waiting to go into the dryer, and one last load to be started. I will be glad when warmer weather comes back so that I can hang clothes out on the line.

So as mentioned before, supper will be orange chicken, with carrots, onions and peppers added....and will serve it with rice.

It is currently 2 degrees F with a windchill of -19 F......needless to say...I have not gone outside today, and have no plans of doing so. I can only hope and pray that it is warmer tomorrow morning when time comes to go to work/school.
Aunt Bridget

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by clemencia2us »

I'm thankful our day is still very nice here. Sunny but cold, not too cold. In the 50s.

I took Rusty out for a long walk at the park. He does well in a vehicle and on a leash. They walk him when he is in boarding and I've left him there 3 times already. I need to keep this up.

Did some cleaning and now going to continue watching "Making of a Murderer".

Eating some strawberry rhubarb pie I bought at Trader Joe's yesterday. It is yummy. Haven't had any in quite a while.

Oh and I saw that I had picked up a screw or nail in my front tire. Good thing I went out walking or I would have not seen it. Or did I pick it up at the park? Hmm - will take it to the tire shop tomorrow. Brand new tire too! Tire sensor doesn't show any change in pressure.

Enjoy the rest of your day - STAY WARM.

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by LWolfT »

Good evening ...

Jackie, happy anniversary to you and your DH!

It's 13 degrees and has been snowing off and on all day, though we aren't getting much accumulation. Some of the streets are a bit icy from all of last night's rain.

Just ran out to the store to get the chicken that was on sale. Tried last night at another location, but they didn't have it. Otherwise, doing laundry ... need to tackle some of the dishes and may get back to the mending pile, since I got a couple of things done last night.

Dinner was turkey pot pie (probably more like a Shepard's pie) made from ingredients on hand.

Everybody stay warm!

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by dlrcpa »

Good evening. Happy anniversary to Jackie, that's an impressive number!
I spent the entire day Saturday w/ DF who was transferred to a nursing/rehab facility. He was not a happy camper. I won't be able to go back until Tuesday so will see what progress he makes in 3 days and if they have gotten him settled. It is a 2 hour drive each way for me. Longer drive for my sister. Saturday was his 1st day in the new place. He had a stroke and cannot do much for himself although he is doing better than the worst I expected. He can talk in short sentences, can hold a cup to drink. But not able to feed himself much, sit up, get out of bed, etc.

Bridget - DF's physical therapist is from Iowa and I just got an idea of what the Iowa accent sounds like. Sort of Minnesota but not.... anyway it made me think of you. She said she likes Maryland fine.

Today was a day of rest and de-stress. I cooked the pumpkin. DH is making dinner. It was very warm but the wind has kicked up and temps are going to drop a lot. I have a bit more laundry to do. I have some computer/paperwork I hope to accomplish before bedtime. Little things that don't take too much energy. Good night and stay well.

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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by itspennyc »

rinty » Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:52 pm

Came home and have been reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom , what an incredible whole family that was.

I read that book several years ago. I also had the opportunity to hear her speak When we lived in South Carolina about 40 years ago.

I was 35 at the time and thought she had more energy than I did. She was 83 at the time.


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Re: Daily Check In January 10, 2016

Post by jckitty »

Pork roast came out delectable! Made the last of the russet potatoes into mashed for dad and some gravy for him with the pan juices, I pulled the oil off first. I have made my delivery to him and stayed to visit with him. He is doing okay but he too doesn't like this weather. He has been going to the local mall and "mall walking" for a couple days, I had suggested it to him and he evidently thought it was an okay idea. Hopefully he will recognize some of the other mall walkers and have someone to talk too, or hang with.

My cinnamon swirl bread is beautiful and I am too tired to even eat any! Tomorrow I have to come up with a way to use up the last of the eggnog. I am leaning towards an apple cream pie. I wonder if it could be used in French toast? hummmmm

I have the last 2 bread pans soaking, sugar/cinnamon left some residue. Off to scrub the kitchen floor.

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