Jan 13 check in

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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by clemencia2us »

Chores are done.

Now to relax. Trying to feel better, put myself in a better frame of mind. I really don't have it that bad. Anything that is going wrong is mostly of my doing anyway. So I only have myself to blame.

Just have to look at the good I have in my life. Thanks for letting me rant and rave here. It realllyyy reallllyyy helps!!!

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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by dlrcpa »

Thankfully DH has gone out this evening to a meeting. I am poor company but will try to get some cooking done - potato & turnip soup and will make something with the pumpkin.

I read DM the riot act over the phone regarding DF's care at the "nursing center". Hopefully she got the message, she is inclined to procrastinate and believe when other people tell her everything is hunky-dory. I just say it like I see it. I will check up on her again tomorrow to see if she is making more of an effort. I cannot go visit DF again until Saturday. My back was hurting me all day today due to spending 4+ hours in the car Tuesday to go see him and also work a nearly full day. Drove home through strong wind and snow flurries. Ugh!

I'm excusing myself from trying to do any sewing or accomplish much other than keep up with the housework and library books. Should have some more reserved books coming in soon.

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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by BeckyO »

Afternoon Y'All,
It's 60 F with the sun shining here.

Congrats , Valerie, to your DD about her new job. Val, you did good to get your DC to this point, but your job is not done : )

Clem, good luck with your lottery ticket : ) Mississippi does not have lottery so I don't have one, but it has made our local nrws!

Rinty, I am officially handicapped. I did think our government got wise, once. If you are declared handicapped by about age 55 they don't bother with recertifying or more physicals etc, because we become eligible for retirement at age 62. All other handicaps have to fill those papers our every so often.

Yesterday, I cooked my casserole. That is dinner. With the cornbread. I also did the impossible, LOL. I burned the beans!! in the crockpot!!. I had it on hi over 24 hours. I forgot about it. I smelled it, but 'knew' I wasn't cooking anything. When I started to read this thread I remembered, checked .. ewww. Now I get to clean the crockpot <sigh>

I intended to use green peas in my casserole. But when I looked in the pantry I had so many green beans (I eat them, but not my favorite veggie) I decided to use green beans. It is a good casserole,particularly with the cornbread.

I finished my year end paperwork last night.

Today I took my trash out, mailed some letters and went to a presentation to play Bingo-I didn't win- ate some pizza. had some apple juice and muffins and received a nice writing pen. The mail brought 3 free greeting cards, some address stickers and a calendar, plus the sales papers and catalogs and insurance offers- no credit card offers, today.

When I got home I sorted the weeks pills. I sorted extra for today, so I won't have to do that again for 9 days : ) It is almost time to heat some casserole. I was thinking of a cup of coffee. Maybe I just need to eat. Then some genealogy research and some reading. that is it for the day.
Have a satisfying evening.

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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by itspennyc »

Valerie, please tell your Daughter congregations on getting a job. In her field.


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Re: Jan 13 check in

Post by jckitty »


The mac and cheese was a hit. Sent some home with one of the grands...she was a happy camper. This is the kid that loves ramen noodles.
We had some with the leftover green beans and smoked sausage. I also have been told I need a new battery in the SUV. There goes my streak of no spend days :(
but fiancé says besides the age of the battery the cold weather really pulls them down. Better to get it taken care of now than when I really have an issue. I hate vehicle issues.

So tomorrow I will do my chores around the house then make a trip to town to get the battery changed out. I will try to organize any errands that need done so I can only make one trip.
The weather is supposed to improve in the next couple days and then more cold and snow expected over the weekend.
I have a package of 15 bean soup, probably should make it up will use the roast pork bones in it.

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