Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

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Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello Friends,

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Its another night of Dh still being gone, and I'm still awake because its difficult for me to sleep without him... and because I ate too many of my "experiments" earlier today and not enough "real food" to balance it out. Also am up because I'm cold, so I just built a fire. Its not building heat very fast... or maybe I'm just impatient. ;)

I'm concerned about Dd2 having croup, have any of your children ever had it? Do I treat it like a bad cold? Poor little thing, i so wish she wasn't sick, she just sounds so awful. I almost wish they all could have been sick at the same time (well no truly I guess not, then I really would have been run-off my feet exhausted). My boys still have the humidifier going downstairs, so I put my essential oils difuser in the girls' room tonight, I hope it does them some good.

I never did get the fridge cleaned yesterday, I just didn't have the energy for it... so I decided that it could wait for another day (and I've been praying ever since that the fridge lives on as well, sometimes it sounds pretty rough) when I have more energy -- I felt just like when I've eaten a bunch of gluten-filled food... blah. I did have an epiphany though... I did attempt to give blood on Monday, they got halfway b4 something happened and air got in the line, so they called it contaminated, and stopped. Between that, my CD, and the infection I have, no wonder I feel tired this week. ;)

Here's something interesting i saw tonight...
On the way home from RS meeting, it was about 8:30pm so full dark, I see this dim flashing thing ahead on the side of the road. I realized it was someone on a bike, but not until I got closer did I realize the person also had a dog (looked like a boxer), but what i found especially interesting and worrisome was the trailer on the back of the bike. Whoever it was, I surely hope that there was NOT a child in that trailer, because it was a chilly, breezy 15 degrees (F)... I also hope they reached their destination quickly and safely too.


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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by rinty »

Nice to have you posting regularly again, Gayle. :)

Here its cold and rainy so the dog has had a short walk.

DH has driven over to one of our sons with our old TV and stand.They are moving and they are welcome to it....it was a bit big and clunky for us and it was certainly too big to have in the bedroom ! So some good decluttering there.

Good news, I had my last paycheck from my old job and it was £150 MORE than I had thought it would be, well Hurrah, frankly. That's a nice little cushion while I get a new job that I wasn't expecting.

Filling out another job application today. I have a nice BIG stewpot on the stove containing every veg we had in the house.............well, okay NOT the cucumber :shock: but its celery, onion, sweet potato, potato, carrot and parsnip. I am using turkey stock and I have only added a few bay leaves and peppercorns as the stock is very flavourful. I will serve it with a huge bloomer loaf I got for 10p last week in the yellow sticker pile. DH will appreciate it when he gets home.

I am going to shop after 6.30 tonight as that seemed to be a good Yellow Sticker time. The actual shopping list is basic,fruit, veg , milk, yoghurt , I will go with cash only. BUT there were some really good yellow sticker deals last week and I ended up with some "luxury" stuff for pennies so I'll give it a go. They did have pre made sandwiches all for 10p.......we have a family outing planned for Saturday and I wouldn't mind getting a selection of those sandwiches if I can :)

Last night we used our cinema vouchers AGAIN so FREE. If you see 1 and half films every other showing you go to is FREE. We are seeing 4 films a month. Good deal ! Last night we saw The Revenant........we are getting pickier as we see more films I think. DH gave it 4 out of 10 which I thought was harsh. I liked the scenery. None of it was true though, I have read the book, I read a really funny movie review who debunked it...........Was the bit about Hawk true ?.......no he didn't exist. What about his wife ? Nope that didn't happen either. What about the ending ??? Nope that didn't happen either. The nasty bloke did get shot in the shoulder but that was it. Anyway, good old Leo, its a good film to see on the big screen.

Off to the gym. Have a good day , all.

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by mbrudnic »

Good morning,

Watching TV News this morning. We are on the edge of the big storm that is supposed to up the East Coast. The City is looking at 1-2 inches, but a lot of schools have closed or scheduled an early out. It is not supposed to come for a few hours. The Southern part of the Viewing area could get slammed. I am on the North side of the city, so not expecting a whole lot.

I am dressed in my workout clothes, but waiting for some Ibuprofen to kick in. My back is hurting, I suspect it is Hormonal.

I hope to get into the basement this weekend and sew. DS as a music contest Saturday morning and then pep band in the evening. I may have to move my sewing machine.

God some bad news yesterday. DS1 got laid off. I am sure he is crushed. But he and about 15 other co-workers were laid off due to lack of work. So not performance or anything. I think he has already been to the Union. Hopefully it will not be long. DDIL goes back to school next week, so He will be a full time Dad so they don;t have to pay a babysitter. I am worried about his emotional state.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

Man am I up early. I could use another hour or so sleep, but woke myself with a nightmare and now just can't close my eyes. Guess that means a bit of an early start to my day.

Temperatures today are the same as yesterday so I should be able to get a walk in this morning. I still feel chilled though and it could be because I am spending more time in the sewing/craft room and I do not have the heat on in that room. Perhaps today I will give the baseboard heater a bit of a whirl.

My serger went a bit funny yesterday while I was finishing seams and as I thought it was involved in my nightmare (along with a few other very strange things that make no sense at all) went to look at it. Yep, need to rethread a couple of spools. To make matters worse, these are spools I have never threaded before. However this could give me the chance to change the spools for the larger cone spools so perhaps a good thing.

I got a phone call from one of the aides at the school late last night. I have another sub day penciled in for next week. That would give me 2 days of subbing on the next pay period. Perhaps I can pick up one more day......

My to do list for today is very short. I guess this means that I can spend the day in the sewing room. I will be working on a jumper pattern that I have used before. I always loved the pattern so thought I would pull it out of my stash and give it a try. I am thinking of using snaps instead of buttons on the front bodice though. My machine has been acting temperamental and I don't like buttonholes at the best of times. I will think about what would look best (I do have some lovely buttons I can use even over the snaps).

Still working on the embroidery as well. In the evenings I sit under my reading lamp and plug away at it. I am finding it a bit easier to work in each section one at a time much the way I do counted cross stitch. I may not see big changes as quickly, but things get done and that is just great. Should be finished the rabbit image in a few days and then I can move on to the borders. Perhaps next month will see this inherited project (one of many from my Mom) done and put away awaiting the birth of a new baby.

I hope to declutter a bit more today. There are a few things downstairs that can be removed from the house. Just not too sure where one would dispose of them. Computer monitors are not being accepted at the Salvation Army so that eliminates one store. I must check and see if the other second hand store accepts them. I also want to get into one of the sheds outside and bring in the remaining camping items. May as well wash them up and get them out. The DS's don't want them as the one who does camp doesn't have the storage room in his apartment.

Supper tonight will be a tuna casserole. Salad served on the side.

Today I am grateful that I learn something new today. I do dislike threading the serger, but it needs to be done and I need to learn how to do it.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by AnneX »

Good Morning:

hoping to see some sunshine today.

I'm dressed and almost ready to set out for my hospital volunteer job. Since they are building a new wing and there are various areas closed off, it often takes longer than usual to get up the elevators so I'm trying to go a little earlier these days.

Yesterday was a fairly spendy day as I had lunch out, got my hair cut, and picked up a number of sale items at Shoppers Drug Mart, so I'll try to be more frugal today.

This morning while i was making my steel cut oats, I also hard-cooked a couple of eggs.
So I'll have one of those for lunch with an avocado/grapefruit salad. i'll have vegetable bean stew for supper. I remembered last night that I bought a broccoli crown the other day so I better add some of that to my supper as well.

Later I may go to the library for a couple of DVDs for the weekend and pick up some more on-sale toilet paper at Shoppers.

Today I'm grateful that our weather is clear and I'm able to get out and about. And I don't need to wear boots.

Take care,

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Re: Daily Check-in Jan 22, 2016

Post by Jackielou »

Patting myself on the back. I managed to get the two needles threaded on the serger. I now have the large spools of thread on it so should not have to thread it again for awhile hopefully.

I will now enjoy my coffee, couldn't before as the idea of threading the monster machine was getting to me.

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