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Re: Couponing

Post by BevMoore »

I mostly shop at the local store by my house where my son works, sometimes go to Grocery Outlet (they do not accept coupons) and Costco. Once in a while I can combine a sale and a coupon but very rarely now because they expire so fast. Most of the coupons are non-food items.


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Re: Couponing

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

I am not a big couponer either. just use them on products I would buy anyway and hopefully on sale as well. I do use shoppers cards at several places. use gas cards too and save 5 cents per gallon. we buy mostly proteins and veggies/produce so really there are not many coupons for these type of things. cj

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Re: Couponing

Post by MackerelCat »

I often can get store coupons for basic foods like peanut butter, celery, fresh pork, apples, but most manufacturer's coupons are not of any use to me. I do use the ones for pet food and cat litter if I can combine them with a sale, but that's about it these days.

The last time I went shopping, the coupon printer by the door gave me a coupon for $1 off a three-pound bag of pears, which was wonderful!

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Re: Couponing

Post by Jackielou »

I don't use coupons that often, but when I do it is usually for pet supplies and food, cleaning items and candles (I burn a great many candles). Not so much for food as Canada really does not have that many for food, well for prepackaged crap they have lots.

I keep my eyes on the fliers as sometimes they have food coupons in them and if they are for something I need or usually buy definitely use them.

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Re: Couponing

Post by BeckyO »

I use to be a mini -coupon queen, but that was when I had many mouths to feed and stores doubled and tripled coupons. Now, I don't use many/any at the grocery store. I buy gift cards to get 3 cents off per gal of gas to Walmart. The cards do not cost anything, just the amount of money that you want to put on them.

If I want fast food or to eat out, I usually have a coupon. My coupons come in the mail.

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Re: Couponing

Post by ohjodi »

kat wrote:got a question: need to save money on groceries! but even tho I do "online" or digital when available, is there any way to get more coupons without having to print them? I find ones I like, but the cost of ink to print isnt worth the little bit of money saved at the store!
any other ways or ideas to save on either ink to print them or the coupons themselves? dont get any sunday papers. thanks!
Believe it or not, most truly frugal people (at least on this forum!) do NOT use coupons to lower the grocery bill. If they truly made a difference and were worth the effort, we'd use them, but they are not.

We are happy to help you find other ways to save money on groceries! Tell us how big your family is, and tell us what you usually buy. Just open your cabinets and fridge and tell us what's in there!

Coupons tend to expire quickly, require you to purchase more than one item. Grocery and drug stores increasingly require the purchase of multiple products to get the sale price, and few double the coupons anymore. Drugstores give you "bucks" or "points" to supposedly lower the price, but you have to spend those points back in the store to actually get your "savings" on the items you initially bought. And too often you plan your coupons and purchases, only to get to the store and they're out of an item, which throws your whole plan out of whack.

A MUCH easier way to lower your grocery bill is to NOTICE what you are actually buying and consider if these items are actually healthy, and is there a cheaper alternative.

Soda vs water and iced tea
Pop Tarts vs cinnamon toast
Cold cereal vs. oatmeal
Frozen lasagna vs. homemade spaghetti
Canned soup vs. crock pot soup
Spaghettio's vs. homemade spaghetti
Hot dogs vs. chicken or ham
K-cup coffee vs. coffee grounds
Potato chips vs homemade popcorn
Deli turkey or ham vs your own cooked and sliced
Deli potato salad vs homemade
Fruit juice vs actual fruit
Delivery pizza vs frozen

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