Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

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Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning frugals,

After dinner I took a 2-mile walk on the treadmill. Then up this morning to workout to a video. I need to get serious and stop the yo yo pattern my weight is in.

I need to think about dinner. DGS will be here between his Dad leaving for his apprenticeship classes and Mom's evening class. We will play trains and read books.

Have a good day,

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by Shelsmiles »

Good morning, Maggie and everyone. Up at 6 to start the day with kids and puppy. Kids are off to school
and puppy is back in her kennel for the moment.

Today is looking a lot like a housecleaning marathon and I'm so unmotivated. I must get it done though as I have to leave town soon. I hate when I get behind because then I get feeling overwhelmed and that is never any good. At any rate, nobody else is going to do it, so I had best get after it.

My mouth is pretty sore this morning from the tooth being pulled. I wish I had waited but at the same time I'm glad its done. I am ready to be done with dental work.

The hens have kicked up the egg production. We went from nothing to about 18 a day over night. Holy weather changes batman. These gals don't know whether they are coming or going I think. :) I am going to have to do some egg management today and start getting them incorporated into meals and stuff. DS needs to ramp up his protein so i should probably be making some breakfast burritoes too.

DH is looking at putting hogs out to clear some underbrush on the back of the property. Translation: he's going to go play on his tractor today then spend a bunch of money of electric fence stuff because he won't keep track of the electric fence stuff he already has. hmmm. I'm thinking he ought to clean his shop so he can find his stuff instead. :)

Laundry on cold as usual. Breakfast will be eggs of course, lol. Lunch will be leftover chicken and noodles and supper is likely to be either smoked sausage with peppers or red beans and rice.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugals

I had a hard time shutting my brain off last night and so had some difficulty in falling asleep. This means I slept in by a couple of hours and now feel like I am so far behind in work I will not catch up!!!

Hopefully as some of my chores will not take too long to do I will be able to get them finished lickity split and get those pesky longer lasting ones in the works.

The weather looks as if it is going to be absolutely lovely for the next few days. Above freezing temperatures!!! The only drawback would be any precipitation we would get would be in the form of freezing rain, which is not good.

My small city is under a great deal of stress now that oil has taken a tumble. Companies have laid 40 - 60 percent of their workers off. Others are barely hanging on. There are no more "hiring" posts up along the roadways, and the traffic is down to almost nil (I have been watching it dwindling each and every day). Houses are popping up for sale every where and in some cases (where the houses have been for sale for months) the asking price is steadily dropping. We used to sit at 0.3 % vacancy rate and now are at 17%. Some of that jump is huge complexes that just got finished up this year.

At least 2 hotels, 3 eating establishments, and 2 businesses are closing their doors.

We will never be a ghost town because of coal, power and agriculture, but I have a feeling that our population is going to take a hit.

Some of the ladies I worked with yesterday, are extremely concerned about their husbands jobs, and yes chances are if the price of oil does not go up that job could be gone.

What is really bothering me is that trickle down effect. Now all those people that worked at the hotels, stores, and eating establishments that are closing will be without jobs. They in turn will be looking for work and in some cases may even be able to find one. However that one probably part time job will not be enough to keep food on the table, or a roof over their heads. I think we are in for a vicious cycle of poverty here. So glad that we are out of that, or at least I hope out of it.

Frugality wise things are continuing at a good pace. I am using things up, making do, or in some cases (when I can get away with it) doing without. I am hoping that small frugal steps in power usage will show Hubby even more savings.

Supper tonight will be the stir fry I did not get made yesterday. Going to use up a few of those veggies in the crisper. Can a person stir fry radish???

Today I am grateful for freshly brewed coffee in the mornings.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by dlrcpa »

Shel, I read a tip about poach eggs in muffin tins (I think you grease the cups and add a spoonful of water before the egg.) That's one way to do a large batch. Of course there is always hard-boiled.

I did not accomplish much last night, finished my book and 1 load of laundry. I started a yard sale box and put some items in it, and de-cluttered a bit. I have meatballs from the freezer and will make spaghetti tonight. DH says he is going to work but he still sounds & looks awful so hopefully he will come home early. I have some paperwork and bills to attend to tonight. I should bake some bread (2 loaves in the oven).

Stay warm.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by clemencia2us »

Our area is going through a series of downturns due to the oil market also.

We even have hotels and businesses that have not been completed and who knows if they will.

Hotel tax revenue has been down since last year.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by clemencia2us »

I feel a lot better today. We didn't do our weekly breakfast thing because it was going to be too cold today. Cold for us is in the 40s!

But at least it looks like the sun might come out. Will get cold again tonight and then we will be back into the 70s and maybe even 80s this weekend!! Halleluiah

I am not a cold weather person. I think I do have a case of SAD. Everything is just so blah. I haven't been taking my vitamin D because I haven't been eating that much and I hate taking things on an empty stomach. I think I have lost a good ten pounds.

We have the heat on, but I was still chilly, so I turned on the oven. The thermostat is in the COD's room, and its all closed off in there, so when it reaches the preset temp, the furnace shuts off, and we are still chilly out here. Oh well, soon it will be AC time.

Have a great day all

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