Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by jckitty »

Good day all,

I have been very busy already this morning, rearranged the 1 guest room and discovered I have temporarily "lost" something....I know I haven't pitched it but I don't know where I put it for safe keeping....it will turn up but makes me crazy until it does.
I put my carrot cake oats in the crockpot over night, they are good but I will defiantly tweak the spices next time, too much ginger and I love ginger. :shock:
I ate some for lunch with yogurt. Have hair color going right now, root touch up so using the other half of the container.
I have done several loads of laundry, bedclothes mainly....I hope to be able to hang some out side and let them "freeze dry". It is cold but dry outside, I need some sunshine.

Clem, I take my vitamin D on an empty stomach everyday, I can't eat first thing in the AM,
Next up is cleaning more baseboards, that's how I got side tracked in the guest room that I rearranged. Wonder where my attention will wonder too when I do some more base boards :?
Cod with lemon and dill, cooked carrots and Brussels sprouts for supper tonight. Might make some Asiago cheese toast to go with it. Need to freeze the last portion of sauerkraut and pork. Will pull it out for a lunch next week.
Have a great day all,

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by rinty »

JCKitty , please post the recipe for carrot cake oats !

WEll, I am becoming addicted to this Yellow Sticker stuff. I had used up all the bread by lunchtime and thought to myself ( as its a 10 minute walk ) lets just walk up to the shops around 5.30 and see if theres any reduced bread.

There was indeed so for 10p and some exercise , I have a nice split tin. There was loads of choice of loaves, rolls etc but it was what I fancied.It will go nicely with the seafood selection, ready to eat mussels, squid rings and prawns......reduced from £3.06 to ..........30p. In fact that can be a starter between us, as I then cook the Sweet Chili chicken......fresh chicken, mange tout peas, red peppers and red onion together with a sachet of chili sauce to pan it with.....£2.80 down to .......20p.

So full spend............60p.

Am I pleased with myself, well , yes I am !

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by Vaeagen »

Hi all and good afternoon!
Havn't been around much because it has just been (and is) one of theose times. Dd (23 yo) got a full time job offer (w/ bene.s) and had to move to Mass (just over the Con boarder) in like a week and a half, I am suffering through a case of kidney stones (they are too large to pass) and so they are rattleling around until I get them blasted, a blizzard (ds plowed snow for 30 hours, so that will be a nice paycheck!)and dmil's Alzheimer's is progressing faster than we had hoped (just the other day she did not recognize her husband of 55 years). So I have been a little swamped.

On the frugal end, dd's moving has blasted a hole in our budget....what with the 1st month's rent and deposit, as well as, just helping her get some essentials for the apt (like a bed, food and a couple of things from IKEA) we have a big hole there. But she is a good kid and it is her first real job so can't have her eating ramem and sleeping on the floor. Plus the apt she leased has a good security system which is important for a young woman in a new state.

I have been out of work for like 7 days and will be out again tomorrow to have the testing before they blast my kidney stones on Feb 8th!! If I make it that long....they have been bothering me since 1/13!

Anyway, I will go back and catch up on everyones happenings while I have been preoccupied.


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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by MackerelCat »

rinty wrote:So full spend............60p.

Am I pleased with myself, well , yes I am !
As well you should be! I wish American grocery stores would do more of that. I read a book titled "American Wasteland" a few weeks ago that was an eye-opener about how much food is wasted by grocery stores.

And Val, I hope they get those blasted kidney stones blasted out before they cause you any more trouble.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by Shelsmiles »


Got the floors and dusting and some laundry handled. Another fabulous day in the life. Got the China from my grandmother all washed and sorted and put away. Working on more laundry as we speak of course and bathrooms next. Yuck. Sunshine for light and no heat on.

Just got a call from a friend and looks like railroad layoffs as well as more coal mine and oil lay offs. More stores and businesses losing their ability to stay afloat. Looking rough.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 27, 2016

Post by jckitty »

I put the carrot cake oats recipe in the recipe folder....hope you like it.
Be aware it makes a lot.

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