Citrus Going to Waste

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Citrus Going to Waste

Post by randamax »

I live in southern California and feel oh, so lucky to be here. I'm a native and can't see myself living anywhere else. The one thing that saddens me every year at this time year, is all of the wasted citrus fruit that I see hanging on so many trees. It breaks my heart. I want to walk up to the door of the people who live in these homes and offer to pick their tree clean for $10.00 and a bag of fruit. The can have the rest or give it away, but just to let it rot on the tree feels like a sin.

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Re: Citrus Going to Waste

Post by rinty »

Just wanted to say " Hi " as haven't seen you in a while. Hope you are well ? You had posted regarding your health problems so hoping treatment has gone fine and you are feeling better.

Perhaps you should start a business making marmalade ;) in your area........what a shame, indeed, all that fruit going to waste.

All the best to you.

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Re: Citrus Going to Waste

Post by clemencia2us »

Same thing here in our small town.

I did see someone had a big cart full of grapefruit on the sidewalk with a big "FREE" sign.

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Re: Citrus Going to Waste

Post by dlrcpa »

I get kind if peeved with the other people who rented garden plots in the same location I do and I see masses of vegetables just getting huge (giant zucchini, rotting tomatoes) and never being picked. I take stuff when people offer it.

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Re: Citrus Going to Waste

Post by randamax »

Hi Rinty! It's good to see you, too!

I'm doing well, feeling pretty good. Still doing an injectable chemo-type medicine twice a day. Two things about that, one not so good: severe nausea; the other good - well a silver lining at least: I've lost 90 pounds. I was teenager the last time I was this weight! LOL It's a side effect that I'm happy about - all sorts of new clothes. The Goodwill has become my best friend as I've gone down, down, down in size ranges. That and my fantasticallywonderfulsuperamazing mother in law loves to coupon shop at Macy's ... for me =) (By the way, I'd still think she is fantasticallywonderfulsuperamazing, even if she wasn't shopping for me. She is an amazing lady and I am so lucky to have her as my mother in law!)

I'll go in next month for a heart scan as well as an MRI to see how long I can still hold off on the heart surgery (hopefully a nice, long time!), and it's time for another MRI to see if tumors are growing (boo-hiss!), or shrinking (fingers crossed!). I was able to get a prescription that quells the nausea, thank goodness, so other than some fatigue and shortness of breath, I'm doing well at the moment. Thank you so much for checking up on me - I really appreciate that!

Frugality wise, DH and I are just trucking along pretty well. We've both gotten raises this year and are able to eek out a bit more savings as well as paying extra on our mortgage every month. We've been finding new (to us) ways to save money and coming up with creative solutions to not spend money. Or really, to spend less money I should say. Case in point: at the grocery store, I've been religiously checking the clearance section. The other day I found a box of the hair color that I normally use (too bad they only had one) for $1.05. It normally runs $11.00 a box! Just little things like that thrill me to the core =)

We're also spending a lot of time working on our home. Just little projects here and there. I would so love to spend more time at home, but while I feel well, I need to work so we can get our mortgage paid off sooner. We do some things ourselves, but have also hired a few jobs out, and bartered with some neighbors for things we each want. We have a pool and they would like to host a children's party, and we want a fence, which the guy and my DH and knock out in a day. Sounds like a fair trade to me. They have use of the pool, pool toys (basketball hoop, ping pong table and noodles), and patio --- as long as adults are supervising 100% of the time, and we get a brand new fence. (We pay for materials and supply half of the labor, while they supply the other half of they labor and skill.)

All in all, life is good. I love every moment of every day...even if the day didn't got as planned! LOL Music, art, poetry, literature, drawing, nature, crafting, cooking....these are the wonderful parts of life that I am focusing on. And laughter. Much laughter. And love - the greatest gift of all.

Good chatting with you, my friend!

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Re: Citrus Going to Waste

Post by Jackielou »

Randa, you sound absolutely wonderful!!! You are a role model for those undergoing what you are.

Hope to see more of you on the forum. Please keep us informed as to how you are doing.

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