Starkist Tuna Lawsuit Rebate

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Starkist Tuna Lawsuit Rebate

Post by Crimestopper »

Did anyone who sent in the forms for the Starkist tuna class action lawsuit rebate several months ago ever get $25 or $50 worth of coupons as advertised? I never received anything and was wondering what happened as it's been several months.

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Re: Starkist Tuna Lawsuit Rebate

Post by MackerelCat »

I have not received anything yet. The last class action suit I was involved in gave me credits for e-books through Barnes & Noble, and that took 17 months to receive from the time it was announced. So these things don't happen too quickly.

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Re: Starkist Tuna Lawsuit Rebate

Post by clemencia2us »

I had not had tuna in months and had a craving.

I bought two cans of starkist packed in olive oil. I guess my tastes have changed because I did not like it at all! Tasted too fishy - lol.

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Re: Starkist Tuna Lawsuit Rebate

Post by sds31 »

I filled out one for Naked Juice and though I thought I did everything as instructed, it was denied.
Another waste of my time.

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