Anyone Else had Shingles?

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Anyone Else had Shingles?

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

So, I thought I had an allergy or reaction to some new detergent I bought as I had a red blotch on my back, this continued to spread and was painful too! Found out I have shingles! has anyone else had them, what type of treatment do you get if any and how long to they last. I am trying to do without medical treatment at this point. any suggestions or recommendations? cj

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Re: Anyone Else had Shingles?

Post by Jackielou »

If you suspect you have shingles go to your doctor. The pain will just get worse and worse if you leave it and the rash will spread farther and farther. Then if it isn't shingles he can diagnose what you do have.

I know my sister gets shingles quite often (the doctors say you can only get it once, but she has had it 6 times) and can tell the symptoms. The doctor gives her a medication and a salve to use on the rash.

I am giving you a link to what is said about shingles, it even has some home remedies to try. ... r_shingles

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Re: Anyone Else had Shingles?

Post by SandiSAHM »

My husband had them 2 years ago. I sent him to our doc immediately, he was on antibiotics for a while, they finally subsided. They're particularly worrisome if they crop up on the face (can even cause blindness, isn't that weird?) but on the torso the only thing you need is the proper medication and to treat them as very contagious - if you infect someone whose never had chickenpox, bang, they can get them. Keep the rash covered even at night, and don't scratch.

I worked with a guy in the 90s whose wife had shingles crop up due to extreme stress. HE had never had chickenpox... he wound up with the worst case, they were in his mouth, ears, everywhere, and their doctor told him he was lucky they had already had all the kids they wanted because chickenpox in an adult male can leave him sterile. Wild virus.

You reminded me, I need to ask my doc about the vaccine. I know I'll need one but I can't remember at what age and I'm guessing DH will still need one regardless of his already having had the rash..

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Re: Anyone Else had Shingles?

Post by LWolfT »

If you think you might have shingles, please go to the doctor. It can spread. My aunt had it on her face, and it affected her sight in one eye.

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Re: Anyone Else had Shingles?

Post by littlemiss63 »

I understand the pain is unbelievable with shingles, get yourself to the doctor immediately like others have said before it spreads further. They are serious stuff.

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Re: Anyone Else had Shingles?

Post by clemencia2us »

All I know is that it is very painful. My brother had it and he is lucky that he works from home, but it was still hard to just sit in a recliner with his laptop.

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