Daily Check In April 4th

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Daily Check In April 4th

Post by rinty »

Hello All,

Wishing Jackie an amazing holiday, can't wait for details, especially the Alhambra palace and what she thought of the Algarve.

HOME all day, blessed day. Housecleaning is top of the list as DH priorities aren't mine. So the bathrooms need a going over, and deep dusting. Laundry but that's cos I won't let him, he thinks handwashing is stupid, I think it saves wear of clothes and they stay newer longer . So there :)

DH has spent today as he took the dog in to a groomer. Extremely worthwhile as I now have a spanking clean fluffy dog ! If I can I want to go out with a DD tonight to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 ( with vouchers so technically FREE) We'll take easter eggs as our cinema snack : )

Lunch will be chicken salad sandwiches from yesterdays garlic chicken and panettone for dessert. I bartered for a big one from a girl at work who won it in an easter raffle .......her loss is my gain : ) Dinner , not sure , but probably a tuna pasta casserole.

I have a toothache so trying to get into the dentist. I WAS trying to make sure I did it on a scheduled day off but work has eroded my goodwill !!!!

Yesterday a nurse flat out said she would LEAVE that day if another staff member didn't appear from somewhere after lunch as staffing was so inadequate. I like that nurse ...............

At least work means I schedule my time better........and I am too young to want to sit and gaze into DH eyes all day. :) Any little office jobs going for 20 hours a week, anyone ???? To a woman who has spent the last 20 plus years in a care role ??? And I am sort of vaguely computerliterate which isn't very marketable.

Oh, well.

Good thoughts to Bridget and Christmastrees and glad you are feeling better Penny. Have a nice day All.

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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by itspennyc »

I woke up a bit early, but not too bad. I knit another Mallow bunny this morning, and lost track of time. I did take my shower and I have my sheets in the washer, dresses in the dryer and I still have the mattress pad to wash.

My garbage and trash is gathered and out, I have deboned the leftover rotisserie chicken and put the meat into the freezer. I was able to add the bones etc to my garbage bag.

I got a lot of trash sorting done this weekend, but there are still piles everywhere. At least these are new piles. I hope to sort and find places for it today. I am making progress though it is much slower then I would like but progress is progress.


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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by mbrudnic »

Dual Threads this morning,.
I will delete mine:

Good Morning Folks,

Got up and got my 15 minute workout in. I need to finish this quickly, shower and then get to work. Today is DS2's last day of spring break.

We have plenty of leftover brisket from last night for tonight's dinner.

It is opening day in Cincinnati Ohio, an unofficial holiday.

Have a great day

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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by AnneX »

Good Afternoon

Not good, weather-wise. We got several centimetres of snow overnight so sidewalks and roads are slushy, plus there is a raw wind.

I've been out to exercise class and will probably go out again later this afternoon to get my hair cut.

I changed my sheets this morning and now I have a load of laundry on the go. Once I have switched it over from the washer to the dryer, I will make my lunch - salmon on a croissant.

After lunch I plan to spend at least an hour sorting and tidying things in my bedroom which has become a catch-all room. I would like to get some more shredding done today as well

Supper I think will be spaghetti bolognese. I have a library DVD to watch this evening.

i didn't sleep well last night, so will try not to nap so I may do better tonight.

Take care,

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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by Jackielou »

Good evening fellow frugalites

Yep, it is just after 6 pm here in Lisbon. I really am having a bit of trouble with the time change. I have a feeling that I will be acclimatized to this by the time we get home e.

Rinty, we loved the Algrave the weather was perfect if a bit windy. We got to stay in an absolutely wonderful resort. We had our own private patio and three rooms to spread out in. Too bad we were only there one night. We are thinking of doing another holiday in that area of the peninsula.

This is our second night in Lisbon. It is hard to believe we only have a few days left of our holiday. I am going to miss the friendliness of the Spanish and Portuguese people.

Off to work on tidying up my suitcase, how do I make such a mess of the dang thing.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by Vaeagen »

Hi all,
Sorry I have not posted in a while. You would think being hoem with a broken leg would give you lots of time to post but not so much with me. Since it is pretty hard getting around the house what I wanted or needed is always in the other place. I did get a good deal of craft sewing done. I am working on making items to sell at my Church's craft sale in Nov. Also had a lot of visits from my MIL. She is continuing to decline with her Alzheimers so she forgets that she visited me just the day before...it is so very sad to see. Of course, there were my Dr appts and her dr appts. Well, here we are today and I am back to work. Truthfully, I am not 100% (I still have a big boot on and have crutches) but my local office is looking the other way on that so I can save some of my sick time. Gotta love having a good boss.

Today did not start out well as my car did not start. So I had to call and wait for AAA. But I did get an appt with podiotrist (sp) about the foot on the leg I broke. I am praying that the worst with my leg is over an I am on the upswing. Got my second PT appt tomorrow after work.

I can't say the same for my DMIL. She has recently started obsesing about her medications. She takes very few for a woman (83yo) her age but her mind just can't remember things and she worries about everything about them. It is always something. I feel terrible for my FIL who is almost 84 yo and her primary care givier. Don't know how this whole thing will end but I try to to think about it and hope/pray for the best.

Dinner tonight will be split pea soup and some hummus. It is still Lent for us Orthodox Christians so, for me at least, no meat till Easter on May 1st. I am hoping that tomorrow goes better.


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