Daily Check In April 4th

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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by BeckyO »

Afternoon Y'All,

Jackie, I wanted to go on your trip ; ) it sounds great. Makes my cruise in Aug seem like forever away,LOL

Rinty, sounds like you are more relaxed : )

Val, my condolences on having to go back to work with a boot and crutches. But saving sick time is very good. I had to go to work on crutches once.It was New Year's Eve and everybody wanted off. The supervisor called. I got all sorts of necessary concessions and went to work. The pay was great and the shift was uneventful.

My housekeeper came , yesterday. She had called about 10 times last week, per my hone and was worried about me. I didn't hear the phone. She cleaned, and did a much better job than she has been doing. My banks look OK. My apartment feels so much better after I did some work and then she came and did some more.

DS#2 called. He decided to go straight home instead of stopping here , today. DS#1 is still on the road. He is stopping here. Don't know if he will stay with me or DD#1.

MMMM.. I fixed boiled eggs, bacon and raisin bread toast.Yum... DD#1 and I had planned to take the boys out, but I am not sure about our dinner plans, now. I have plenty of soup, salad and sandwich makings.

I have a book I am reading.. may not finish it. It is not holding my attention. I have read two books by her that kept me interested, but not this one. I think she has written others. I may track one down and skip this one.

I have a little repair work to do.A spot on some furniture, need to sand and then repaint. And I want to work on one of my paintings. I had to wait for the last additions to dry. Today is not a good drying day,kinda blah and dreary. The temp is high 70s F, but very little sun.

I have plenty to keep me busy even if we don't go out. Have a good evening

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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by jckitty »

Good evening all,
I feel more productive today, got a lot done. This morning I forced myself to go to town to get something's I needed and get errands done. I agree with the author of the Sweet Potato Queens books, it would be great to have someone to run errands for me. LOL
I also stopped at the Mexican bakery, got some jalapeno cheese bread rolls and some sweets, I will probably be sorry I got the sweets but the fiancé will eat a good portion of them.
I got some lovely asparagus at Aldi's that and some pork roast with salad for supper tonight. They also had stone fruit but I don't buy imported stone fruit it is always mushy or just does not suit me.
Tomorrow I think I will make an asparagus-bacon quiche. and while the oven is going a pumpkin pie for dad.
It is cold and wretchedly gloomy outside, supposed to be ucky all week. I want my spring weather back. :? I watched my neighbor mow in the snow and high winds on Saturday...cray-cray.
Off to see what everyone is up to,
Have a nice warm evening all,

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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by Jens_Cats »

Valerie, caretaking isn't easy! I hope you guys can keep a handle on things with your MIL.

Thanks again, everyone, for the birthday wishes.

More crazy weather here today, so D and I are both feeling awful. I DID get my taxes wrapped up. I owe about $2,200 between MD and federal, and I'm getting about $160 back from WV. Hopefully, I can just put that into savings. Between that appointment and picking up groceries today, I have spent way too much.

The writing client did not work out and wants his money back, so I will do that in a bit, after I've recorded today's transactions. Bummer. On to the next one! Sometimes, a team just does not mesh. There was also a little bit of a language barrier, so I misinterpreted some of the things he said.

I got a bunch of desk work done--called my doctor's office about my appointment out in Morgantown, WV. It's not until late September, so it won't screw things up too much. I was also encouraged to call that doctor's office from time to time to check for cancellations to see if I can get in sooner. This is for rheumatology. Apparently, there just aren't that many rheumies in WV, and none locally. The office manager said she'd let me know if she became aware of any closer, and I'm to keep my eye out, as well.

Called my car dealership about my tags, etc for the Volt. They said they should be ready mid-April. My temp tag doesn't expire until May 1. Finally, called my financial advisor. He's waiting for one of my mom's accounts to transfer over, and he said it should be tomorrow, and he's waiting for me to send him/take him a copy of Mom's death certificate, so tomorrow, I will use the scan app on my iPad and email it over.

Tomorrow, Jazz gets inspected, and I'm also going to try to surrender Mom's ID. I say TRY, because they're weird here in WV. I may not be able to do it.It may have to be my step brother (the executor.) Never a dull moment!

Today would have been a good day for a fire, but I just didn't have the energy to drag in the wood for it, so I'm sucking it up. Watching TV, and I'm going to try to get some paid work done.

Have a good evening!
Jen M, WV
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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by MackerelCat »

rinty wrote:Any little office jobs going for 20 hours a week, anyone ???? To a woman who has spent the last 20 plus years in a care role ??? And I am sort of vaguely computer literate which isn't very marketable.
Rinty, you need to look around and see if there's any free computer training you can snag that you can practice on at home. In 2000, after I had spent seven years at home with DS, my computer skills were so outdated that they were no longer skills. So I took a couple of classes at community college to get back up to speed. Now, thanks to the wonder of the internet, all that stuff is free online. The Goodwill foundation has a good program, but I don't know if you can access it from Britain.

You might also see if there are any opportunities to volunteer in the office at your church or work on projects that will show off skills such as setting up a spreadsheet or making a Power Point presentation. All that can go on a CV as skills.

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Re: Daily Check In April 4th

Post by rinty »

Thanks, Mackie, I did pop into the Job Centre here just after Christmas looking for a Free or at least, Low Cost course to update my VERY out of date office skills ( pre 1990 !!!) I was told I would first have to sign up for unemployment benefit ( which I didn't want to do ) to be eligible.......that would have meant trotting up to the Job Centre weekly to "sign on " weekly .............(((shudder)))

Other courses seem to cost an arm and a leg and I thought I'd LOVE what I am doing now..........oh, well, you live and learn. I do like the residents very much and the people I work with, the management are APPALLING however, so I won't feel the slightest guilt moving on.

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