Daily Check in April 9, 2016

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Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by mbrudnic »

Hi Gang!

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by mbrudnic »

Hello Frugal friends,

Like a good part of the country, woke up to snow on the ground. Yuck. My Facebook feed is full of people complaining about snow.

I need to leave shortly to meet DB and DSIL at the venue for Mom and Da'ds 50th anniversary party. But this morning, I worked out, continued the laundry I started last night (9 loads this week). And I made baked donuts.

I think this afternoon I will take DS1 to the phone store to get his new phone. Our 2 year plan expires in May, This will be a portion of his birthday present. I am also planning to pay some of his medical bills, His wife insisted on him going to the ER. I keep preaching Urgent care. Maybe she finally understands. Her family always went to the ER. Tues is his actually birthday. He wants to go to a craft beer/Pizza joint and legally order his first beer.

Then tonight we will go up to Mom and Dad's and visit. We will take DGS as his parents have concert tickets. The Teen has a school function he is working at.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by AnneX »

Good Morning:

i think the snow is coming to us tomorrow, Maggie. Today is bright but cold.

I had cream of wheat for breakfast - not my favourite but i bought it when i was having dental work last fall so am trying to use it up - reasonably palatable with flax seed and a handful of raisins added.

I've been up for a while but haven't accomplished much.

i did print off a ticket for an American photography show at the art gallery - free because i'm a member. so I will be going to that this afternoon.

I'm now going to get dressed, walk over to the library to drop off a DVD set and then take the subway to the grocery store. I made a list yesterday from their sale flyer - not much in the way of real deals.

Lunch will probably be leftover pizza. i'll probably get salmon for supper -it's one of the items on sale - and have it with sweet potato and sauteed kale.

maybe while I'm at the library I'll get a DVD to watch tonight.

Today I smile every time I look at my 'garden' of spring flowering bulbs on my window sill. Might buy another pot of something today.

hope everyone has a fine weekend.

Take care,

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by Shelsmiles »

Hello. :). Sounds like you have a busy day planned, Maggie.

It's been a few weeks since I have had a chance to check in. We have been crazy busy ourselves! College visits, business trips,wrestling nationals, more business trips, etc. In the middle of all of that, I have planted part of the garden, the other goat has kidded, the cat had kitties, the first sow had piglets, DH got five more bottle calves, DS has another round of testing, DD has forensics competition and surgical trips to KC and prom is this week. Holy craziness!

I'm excited to say i should be able to be home all this week. We have wrestling banquet Wednesday and then prom Saturday. I can hardly believe how fast my son's senior year has flown by. It's insane, but it has been fun, too. We have a few more college visits left to make but he has already received scholarship offers, including nice offers from two of the top three schools on his list. I'm fairly sure he knows what he wants to do but he is waiting to see what the other schools offer.

Today, lucky girl that I am, I get to help power wash the house while DD is at a forensics competition and DS is retaking his ACT for score improvement. Then, I get to clean out the chicken coop and maybe even wash some Windows. Woo to the hoo. I know you're jealous. Tomorrow I get to clean house and the sweep the garage.

Well, guess I better find some old jeans and get busy. Have a great day!

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by MackerelCat »

Shel, you are so funny! Yes, we are all wildly jealous of not shoveling out a chicken coop. :-D Congrats on your children and their accomplishments -- that is wonderful.

We're having blackberry winter here in Tennessee. Locally they call it "dogwood winter," but it was blackberry winter when I was growing up in Georgia, and thus it remains for me. So it's bright and sunny, but also cold today. I have on a heavy wool sweater and winter socks with my jeans and long-sleeved shirt.

DH does not want homemade bread this week (he eats too much of it), so I'm off the hook for baking today. DS and I got most of the household chores done yesterday, so we should have a more relaxed weekend.

Everybody stay frugal!

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by rinty »

Hey Frugals,

Maggie, I hope you have good division of labour at your house if you are having to do 9 loads of laundry ! I would be kicking off ........

Today no work and DS and I went shopping. A very elderly relative, bless her, sent him £20 for Easter. He LOVES to go shopping so off we went. He had a list in mind, "Is sweets, is chocolate, is TOYS !!!!"

He ended up choosing a book, some sweets, some Krispy Kreme donuts ( his eyes bugged out of his head when he saw the shop ) some felt tip pens and a pad of white paper. He got his monies worth :)

I am still hurting badly from this tooth extraction, I am prone to mouth ulcers he my ulcerative colitis but not as bad as this. It just HURTS solidly. I never take OTC meds but I have this week !!!!!

So no sweets or Krispy Kreme donuts for me ; (

DH didn't come with us as he did an Artisan Bread Course. He has come back with the fruits of his labours and they are GOOD. He made a wonderful batch of rolls made with oatmeal and honey, a plain round cottage loaf and a flatbread studded with cherry toms, herbs and rock salt. I can't chew so I am have been steadfastly sucking on an oatmeal roll........... :shock: Good Times.

The weeks food shopping was £22.63 ( booyah !!!, yeah yellow stickers !) so spent about what DS spent on all his goodies.

Got paid and it was WAY more than I thought it would be , so yay, there. Not that I feel I haven't earned every single penny but good to get a worthwhile sum for doing it..........I don't pay tax ; )

We have guests for Sunday dinner. We have lamb, pork or chicken in the freezer if we do a roast dinner, I am leaning to pulled pork.......which is still a new but very popular meal here at the moment......I know you guys have always had it but its new to us !

Its been a mixed day weatherwise, best of it was this morning but its turned cold, windy and rainy so DH and I keep looking at the other to take the dog out...." Isn't it your turn darling ? "

No thought re dinner tonight, I'd go for soup through a straw, frankly. DH will make something from the freezer for he and DS. I may even make some jelly(jello) or blancmange as a dessert, easy to eat.

I see Jackie is back on Canadian soil, can't wait for the travelogue ! Make it long and detailed Jackie, it sounded like a really lovely itinary.

DS is contentedly playing with Lego and DH and the dog are pottering. I've just taken some painkillers so I am going for a quick snooze.

Have a wonderful weekend, all, good luck Snowangel !!!!

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