Daily Check in April 9, 2016

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by rinty »

AnneX wrote:Good Morning:

i think the snow is coming to us tomorrow, Maggie. Today is bright but cold.

I had cream of wheat for breakfast - not my favourite but i bought it when i was having dental work last fall so am trying to use it up - reasonably palatable with flax seed and a handful of raisins added.

I've been up for a while but haven't accomplished much.

i did print off a ticket for an American photography show at the art gallery - free because i'm a member. so I will be going to that this afternoon.

I'm now going to get dressed, walk over to the library to drop off a DVD set and then take the subway to the grocery store. I made a list yesterday from their sale flyer - not much in the way of real deals.

Lunch will probably be leftover pizza. i'll probably get salmon for supper -it's one of the items on sale - and have it with sweet potato and sauteed kale.

maybe while I'm at the library I'll get a DVD to watch tonight.

Today I smile every time I look at my 'garden' of spring flowering bulbs on my window sill. Might buy another pot of something today.

hope everyone has a fine weekend.

Take care,
Annex, I know others have said it as well, but you really do have the most satisfying life ! It always sounds so pleasant and interesting and I love how you make things nice..............love the sound of the garden on your windowsill.............just lovely.

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning .. sunny and at the freezing mark.
Our weather yesterday was strange ... rain ... then sleet ... then sun ...then snow. Hostas and rosebushes will be covered for the next day or so.

Not a good night. Had a reaction to a med that I take. Scared poor DH out of a sound sleep. Still feeling a bit sluggish.

Lots of around the house stuff to catch up on this weekend. Things are getting out of hand (need to set up a better routine now that I've started the new shift at work.) Do want to hit Aldi for the half-price weekend sale.

Maggie, a happy birthday to your DS1!

Jackie, looking forward to your travelogue!

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by AnneX »


if you're still hurting so badly all this time after the extraction I would suggest a return visit to the dentist - there may be a bone chip or root chip causing infection or you may have dry socket.

As one who has had a lot of dental work over the years, i sympathize with your pain.


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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by alliesmama4 »

Shelsmiles wrote:Hello. :). Sounds like you have a busy day planned, Maggie.

It's been a few weeks since I have had a chance to check in. We have been crazy busy ourselves! College visits, business trips,wrestling nationals, more business trips, etc. In the middle of all of that, I have planted part of the garden, the other goat has kidded, the cat had kitties, the first sow had piglets, DH got five more bottle calves, DS has another round of testing, DD has forensics competition and surgical trips to KC and prom is this week. Holy craziness!

I'm excited to say i should be able to be home all this week. We have wrestling banquet Wednesday and then prom Saturday. I can hardly believe how fast my son's senior year has flown by. It's insane, but it has been fun, too. We have a few more college visits left to make but he has already received scholarship offers, including nice offers from two of the top three schools on his list. I'm fairly sure he knows what he wants to do but he is waiting to see what the other schools offer.

Today, lucky girl that I am, I get to help power wash the house while DD is at a forensics competition and DS is retaking his ACT for score improvement. Then, I get to clean out the chicken coop and maybe even wash some Windows. Woo to the hoo. I know you're jealous. Tomorrow I get to clean house and the sweep the garage.

Well, guess I better find some old jeans and get busy. Have a great day!
Yikes.. I am surprised you have the energy to post..lol You certainly have a lot going on..Glad to hear your son and daughter are doing so well in school..Life does rush by so much faster as we get older. I am happy to here things are going well but busy for you. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning is is sunny but chilly. We were suppose to have a hard freeze last night. I just hope it does not damage the blossoms on my fruit trees. The peach trees and my one pear tree are loaded with blossoms. My apple tree is just starting to blossom.

Not much going on.Reading my book and puttering around the house. Thinking of working on my craft room.

Still having trouble sleeping. I have been awake since 4:30 AM. I did not go to sleep until sometime after 1:00 AM. I see a sleep specialist on Monday. I hope he can help me. Have a great day everyone. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in April 9, 2016

Post by BeckyO »

Afternoon Y'All,

Shel, of course we all envy your chores today, cleaning chicken coops etc, LOL My DD#1 just bought more bottle calves and baby chicks and ducks. She loves it.

A beautiful day here, sunny, 68 F, 20 C, a few puffy clouds in the sky. Of 'course the fact that I got a good night's sleep and could stand erect when I woke up helps a lot : )

I had boiled eggs for breakfast. I'm putting beans in the crockpot for tomorrow. Today I have green peas, some baked beans and some boiled potatoes in the frig. Think I will make some potato salad with those boiled potatoes. I'd like some corned beef, but I have hotdogs in the frig and I need to check my freezer.

Instead of reading last night I got into genealogy research. So today I will concentrate on painting.

This morning I washed one of my dresses. I had spilled something on it so I used some sudsy water ans soaked it. When it drip dries I will check to make sure the spot came out. If I put it in the wash I will need to check it before she puts it in the dryer.I have another dress that needs to be rinsed out., two pair sox and some lingerie to hand wash.

I want to make some catalog orders, been considering them for a couple of months. Then I have some calls to make, mail to check etc and that is my day....

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