Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by floridacatlover »

micogo wrote:The Publix I shop at in GA always has a clearance aisle. Have gotten some really good buys. I really like Publix for a lot of reasons especially their BOGOs and their customer service.
That is great that your Publix has a clearance aisle. I believe that Publix in Georgia also allows you to buy one item for 1/2 price when it is a BOGO. I wish that was the case at Florida Publix. Yes, I really like Publix, too, and I think there are very good deals when you watch the ads and buy the BOGOs.

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

1. For the past 5 days me and dh have been fasting so that was frugal!
2, Shopped at Save A Lot on monday and got lots of nice produce and some meats for the rest of the month and produce for the rest of the week, spent $115 or $180 monthly budget.
3. Read a book I already had, no cost
4. reorganized the pantry and basement pantry so I know what I have and it looks better and more organized, no cost
5. Polished my black shoes so I do not have to buy any this fall or winter. They look much better. But I do need to buy some brown polish now to take care of my two brown shoes. cheaper than buying new ones!

thats about it. I did start my 2016 annual budget to plan out the year as best I can. would like to downsize the cable tv but dh loves his sports and movies. cj

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by colonialgirl »

Hey guys -
What do you think about having this be a monthly topic? I was looking for something that was written here for a reference and it took me forever to find it. I am thinking that if we had Five Frugal things in November, December etc it might make it easier. Just a thought.

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by MackerelCat »

I've been thinking about this thread lately because it's a big motivator. And I need more motivation as we have an added monthly expense of $65 for an allergy shot for one of our dogs and $24 a month in a charitable donation.

This week's FFT:
1. Turned in the paperwork to be reimbursed $38 for a work expense. It's a genuine pain to do it (I think the honchos make it so hard so that people won't bother), but I buckled down and did it.
2. Packed my lunch and drinks to work every day.
3. Put $65 in Christmas savings. This was a biggie because I've had a hard time streching money and saving for Christmas.
4. Dried all my laundry on the rack and pole in the laundry room.
5. Needed a new hair dryer. Best price was at CVS, which had just sent me a 25 percent off coupon, so I saved $5.

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by dlrcpa »

Good for line-drying laundry. I read a surprising statistic that the dryer uses a lot more energy than I would have guessed. Now that pollen has eased back I will try to line dry part of the laundry.

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Re: Five Frugal Things You Did This Week

Post by BevMoore »

It's so hot here I think I will line dry the laundry today as well. The clothes will dry quicker outdoors than in the dryer.


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